Practising for old age at visiting time yesterday! My wonderful man has been to visit this weekend, spending most of his time in my empty house so he could come and see me during visiting hours at the hospital.

Not only that but he has been doing washing and all sorts for me while he has been there – a definite keeper I think!

Me and Ste have been together 7 months now and without wanting to be overly gushy they have been some of the best months of my life! He also suffers with Crohns disease among other things.

Being with someone else who is chronically ill is amazing so far as them understanding exactly what you are going through and being the very best kind of support you can have. The obvious downside is seeing the person you love in pain, knowing how awful that pain can be and not being able to take it away from them.

But we muddle through and make the most of what we have got – our beautiful children, the best of the good days and knowing that we each need our quiet and rest days and just enjoy a snuggle and a movie! Always remember to enjoy and take advantage of those good days – chronic illnesses can catch you unawares and bad days happen out if the blue. The uncertainty is hard on many but when you strive to enjoy your good times as fully as you can, it can help pull you through a tough time with happy memories and planning your next adventure when you are feeling a little better!

And with some practise I’m sure we will get used to not tripping each other up with our walking aids and still managing to hold hands at some point!

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