BlogMas Day 1 – Top Ten Christmas Movies

So for anyone who doesn’t know what BlogMas is… it means I am going to be posting a blog every day between now and Christmas.  I may have gone slightly mad thinking that this was a good idea!  Let’s see how I keep up!  I hope everyone is well and ready to enjoy all these festive posts.


So I thought I would start with some of my favourite Christmas movies.  Some of these are super popular but I hope you find something you may never have watched, or not in a long time and will dig it out to get you in the Christmas mood.

My Top Ten Christmas Movies


This is just hilarious and one of my all time favourite movies.  It reminds me of my youngest brother and I am sure we will get together at some point in December to watch this together. ‘Hi I’m Buddy The Elf, what’s your favourite colour’ is often how we answer the phone to each other!  It is a great one to watch as a family too and I think Will Ferrell is a comedy genius, there are so many of his films I really enjoy.


Home Alone 1 and 2

These two are all time classic Christmas movies.  Me and my brother Adam have been watching this over and over for years.  The first probably slightly pips the second for me but I do love the setting of New York for number two.  Perfect again to watch as a family, as long as your kids don’t get ideas for pranks!  These films help make Christmas for me as I have been watching them every year since I was little, it is like part of the Christmas tradition now.


Love Actually

This film I will watch all year round as it is an all time fave, but it is essentially, a Christmas movie!  I love all the different stories, it has love stories, sad stories, funny stories and everything in between.  It has such a fabulous cast including the late, great, Alan Rickman.  I especially love the moment on the doorstep, I think it is so romantic even though completely wrong, and also when Colin Firth proposes.  I am a soppy romantic at heart!


The Family Stone

This one isn’t as widely known but it has an amazing cast of actors.It is very relatable to many I am sure, trying to prove yourself to your partner’s family but there are laughs as well as some extremely touching moments along the way.  I will be definitely be digging out my DVD and catching up with this one this month, as I haven’t watched it for ages.


Miracle On 34th Street

Controversially, I prefer the updated version of this to the old one, although they are both great.  One I will be introducing the boys to this year as they haven’t watched it yet.  I know Leo has just turned nine and is wavering on the whole Santa thing this year which breaks my heart, but at the same time I am lucky to have got this many years out of him I suppose!  Looking forward to a movie night or three with the boys and this is sure to be on the list this year.


It’s A Wonderful Life

A completely beautiful Christmas time classic!  Such a wonderful story, a lovely message and a must see!  It always tends to be shown over Christmas on the television so if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check it out.


The Polar Express

A beautifully made Christmas movie and perfect for little ones!  I know our local cinema often runs screenings of this close to Christmas, so perfect for a festive day out when the children are out of school.


The Snowman

This is another memory inducing Christmas movie for me.  I also have the story book and the CD with the story being read for the boys.  The film is different as it is a silent movie, no talking, but I generally think the kids seem mesmerised by that and they love the idea of a magic snowman.  Walking In The Air is also a classic Christmas song and gets me attempting my opera singing (which no one wants to hear) but luckily only at home!


Die Hard

A Christmas movie question mark, you say?  If you have watched it you will know the movie is set at Christmas time, therefore making it eligible to be on the list!  I absolutely adore the first three Die Hard movies. The two that have been made more recently are also good, just not as good as the original three.  Can’t wait for a marathon watch this December of all three, I must set aside some time for that one! And Bruce Willis in a dirty, white vest… do I need to say more??!


The Holiday

Another movie I adore and watch all year round.  Yes I am a total romantic at heart!  Love the cast, love the story and the fact that it is set at Christmas time makes it have that extra sprinkle of romantic, magical goodness.  I watched this only a couple of months ago but will be certainly watching again before Christmas, maybe more than once to be honest!


I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas movie round up and got some inspiration to start your Christmas viewing with them.  Let me know in the comments below what your all time favourite Christmas movies are, I am intrigued to know if there are some I haven’t seen!

21 Comments on “BlogMas Day 1 – Top Ten Christmas Movies

      • Polar express is my go to, my little brother and I used to stay up all night playing guess the present, drinking cocoa and watching it on repeat until everyone was up to open gifts. We still try to carry the tradition out, but it’s not as fun, because I know what the gifts are, I wrapped them.


  1. Elf is one of my all-time favorites. There are so many great one liners in that movie and I ❤❤❤ the version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” she sings in the bathroom.


  2. As soon as I saw ‘Polar Express’ listed I got a weird nostalgia feeling. When I was in the first grade my teacher brought that to school for us to watch. We all wore jammies and she made Golden Tickets to give to all of us and a bell. It’s still on of my favorite memories. Love your list!


  3. I’ve just begun watching Christmas movies so I’m a little behind on this list. I actually really didn’t like Love Actually because of all the sad parts, but I adored Elf! I am definitely a big kid at heart 🙈

    Indya ||


  4. Oh the Family Stone is such a great film! I’ll have to rewatch this year.


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