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This last month has been a good one for reading – I have found a couple of books have really grabbed my attention, so have definitely been picking them up more and more! So many great recommendations this month – just read on!

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The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – Push Poppers

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Fidget toys have been popular for a few years now and my boys love them, so when we were asked to try out the newest fidget toy on the block, we jumped at the chance!

This is the Push Popper and it is basically everlasting bubble wrap! If you are like me and my boys, you will love bubble wrap and this works just the same, except you can turn it over and start again when you have pressed all the ‘bubbles’. Lots of fun and great for the environment! We were sent the rainbow and the glow in the dark version, which is lots of fun!

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Life Update – A Year In Lockdown

Well it has been a little while…

I do apologise for the radio silence! If you follow me on social media you will know I was still around, however my online life has had to take a step back for a number of reasons, as I will explain below. Today marks the one year anniversary of the UK going into it’s first lockdown. Back then I wouldn’t have believed this time, a year on, we would be in lockdown number 3! Things are beginning to look up though and we now have our route to normality in place. I had my first vaccine a few weeks ago and am due my second dose at the beginning of May.

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children’s book reviews – JAN/feb 2021

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As you know, me and the boys love to read and we have got through a few already this year so wanted to share our thoughts on them with you. To start – an absolutely amazing book which we all HIGHLY recommend! For reference, Leo is 12 and Riley is 9 and I am 34 (I mean 21)!

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Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Today marks the start of Children’s Mental Health Week so I have a week of posts planned all about the subject. Obviously, mental health is one of my passions. Added into this, the pandemic and the toll that lockdown is taking on our children, and I feel this week is more important than ever.

The theme of this year’s week is EXPRESS YOURSELF. This is a great opportunity to get your children talking about their feelings creatively. This could happen through art, drama, music, poetry, wiring, dance or photography. Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week website has lots of great resources for parent’s to download and print, for both primary and secondary age children. There is also a section with tips and support for parents and carers.

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