May 2023 Book Reviews

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Hello and happy new week! Today I am sharing some of my recent reads and what I thought about them. Hopefully if you are looking for a recommendation, you will find one here!

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How To Make Getting Ready For Work Easier With Chronic Illness

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Firstly – let me be honest and say I do not have this all figured out and I would appreciate all the tips and ideas you use in the comments!

I have been working now for over 8 months and I want to share with you a few of the ‘hacks’ I use to help make those early mornings a little bit easier, as notoriously, mornings with chronic illnesses are HARD work!

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Guest Post – Navigating the Twists and Turns of Adulthood: Common Challenges for Young Adults

Hello and happy new week! I was sent this amazing piece and could not wait to share it with you – so many good points and some ideas to help you navigate them. While it focuses on young adults, I am sure many of you will spot some of these issues in your own life – relationship issues and workplace burnout are so very common in all ages.

As a teen mun, I know I will soon be navigating all these types of situations with my boys and I am sure there are lots of you in the same boat! I know that, for Leo, who has just had to select his GCSE options, future career options are a hot topic in our house! I’d love to hear about the topics relating to teen parenting you would like me to write more about – please let me know in the comments below!

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Guest Post – Guide To Your Teenโ€™s First Car

I was filling in my new calendar the other day when I realised my oldest, Leo, will be turning 15 this year!!! How did that happen?!? Anyway, when this guest post came a long I thought it would be a good read for all the fellow parents of teenagers out there!

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Guide To Your Teenโ€™s First Car

The day has come for your teen to take on the open road with a new car. While he or she may be excited about purchasing a new set of wheels, as a parent, you may feel uneasy about this newfound sense of freedom. However, you can ensure your teen has a reliable and safe vehicle by following these helpful tips.

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Guest Post – Why Pretend Play Is Important

I am sure you have all heard it – some of you have maybe said it – “he is a boy and shouldn’t be playing with dolls” and “why is she dressed as a pirate and not a princess?“. To say it is one of the things that riles me is an understatement!

After working with children for over ten years, the importance of pretend play (and not enforcing gender stereotypes on our children) is very clear to me. Some parents don’t understand it though, or don’t see it as an important part of learning and think teaching them numbers is much more vital. This short piece explains the importance of learning through play and especially, pretend play – hope you enjoy!

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