writing for others

I ave been lucky enough to write for many other great blogs and sites about a range of different topics. I thought I would share them here in case you wanted to check them out!

A Balanced Belly

Reviewed: Better You’s Vitamin D Testing Kit

A Balanced Belly Book Club: Calm Belly Cookbook Review

Better You Iron Spray Review

Colitis To Ostomy

The Difference Between Diagnosis as a Child and an Adult

Talk Health

Our Bloggers

What Effect Would A Wet Wipes Ban Have On Ostomates?

Living on Steroids


5 Ways to Survive Christmas When You Have Arthritis

Life Hacks For Looking After Kids When You Have Arthritis

Chronic Illness Bloggers

Dressing With an Ostomy


Living With A Stoma

The Importance of Stoma Friendly Toilets

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