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Guest Post – Back To School: 8 Money Saving Tips For Parents

As someone facing the dreaded school shoe shopping trip shortly, I received this post and thought it had some great tips that will help out parents trying to get ready for the new school year. I hope you find it useful!

Guest Post – Activities to drag your children away from tablets and TVs

Today I have a guest post for you, which may come in handy for parents who need some tips for getting their children off their electronics! As we are nearing the end of the Summer holidays it can be difficult to think of things… Continue Reading “Guest Post – Activities to drag your children away from tablets and TVs”

Children’s Book Reviews – August 2022

AD| Books gifted in return for review are marked with a * | All opinions are my own Hello, how is your Summer going? Is everyone a bit bored yet? Hopefully my book reviews might give you an idea of something you can read… Continue Reading “Children’s Book Reviews – August 2022”

Children’s Book Reviews – June 2022

Ad | Some books were gifted in return for a review (marked *) | All opinions are my own | Post contains affiliate links Good morning and welcome back to our kid’s book reviews for June. Both me and Riley have been scouring the… Continue Reading “Children’s Book Reviews – June 2022”

Setting Up The Emergency Contact Information on Your I-Phone

So at the beginning of the year I went to the dark side – I ditched my trusty Samsung’s and upgraded to an I-Phone! I am pretty terrible with all forms of technology and am still now getting used to it, but Tom recently… Continue Reading “Setting Up The Emergency Contact Information on Your I-Phone”