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Blog Tour Book Review – Pieces Of Me

#Blogtober DAY FOUR I have the pleasure of kicking of f the blog tour for this fantastic book and couldn’t be happier to be able to recommend it to you all. Pieces Of Me by Natalie Hart The Blurb ‘An astounding debut, Pieces of… Continue Reading “Blog Tour Book Review – Pieces Of Me”

Blog Tour Book Review – Best Friends

Apologies, this is going live later than intended but after an unexpected hospital stay things have gone a little awry on the blog.  All being well things will be back to normal soon but I didn’t want you to miss out on hearing about… Continue Reading “Blog Tour Book Review – Best Friends”

Blog Tour Book Review – Last Of The Summer Moet

Last Of The Summer Moet by Wendy Holden The Blurb Top reporter Laura Lake has struck journalistic gold. She’s discovered a secret country village where the British elite own weekend mansions. Film stars, famous artists and top writers, not to mention Cabinet ministers and… Continue Reading “Blog Tour Book Review – Last Of The Summer Moet”

January Book Reviews

I have decided rather than splitting them into separate posts (which can clog up the blog as I read quite a lot) I would do a monthly post reviewing the books I have read.  My Reading Challenge/Book Club is still accepting new readers so… Continue Reading “January Book Reviews”

Blog Tour Book Review – The Single Girl’s Calendar

What a great book to start the year with.  This is easy to read, relatable and gives the sense of New Year’s resolutions and goals, even though it is not based at the beginning of a year. The Single Girl’s Calendar by Erin Green… Continue Reading “Blog Tour Book Review – The Single Girl’s Calendar”