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Ad | Sponsored Post So not only do you have to deal with a disability as a young person – you then have it impact every area of your life including dating! It is something I have had to deal with my whole life… Continue Reading “DISABLED DATING”

Blog Tour Book Review – Five Steps To Happy

Ad | Gifted | Post contains affiliate links Good evening! This evening I have a book review for you to have a look at. I was really excited to read and review this one based on the blurb. It is based on real life… Continue Reading “Blog Tour Book Review – Five Steps To Happy”

Blog Tour Book Review – Thalidomide Kid

Thalidomide Kid The Blurb Daryl Wainwright is the quirky youngest child of a large family of petty thieves and criminals who calls himself β€˜Thalidomide Kid’. Celia Burkett is the new girl at the local primary school, and the daughter of the deputy head at… Continue Reading “Blog Tour Book Review – Thalidomide Kid”

Handy Hacks For People With Arthritis

Good morning all, happy hump day!Β  I have been planning this post for a little while as wanted to share a few of the products I have found which make life a little easier when you have arthritis.Β  I really hope you enjoy a… Continue Reading “Handy Hacks For People With Arthritis”