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Dressing With An Ostomy Week – Bellies Clothes Donate or Swap Group

Has anyone heard of the Bellies Clothes Donate Or Swap group? People with IBD can often be affected by unintended weight loss and gain due to their disease or medication. This affects the clothes size you wear and often results in your wardrobe being… Continue Reading “Dressing With An Ostomy Week – Bellies Clothes Donate or Swap Group”

Why Online Support Groups Can Be So Helpful

I joined my first IBD online support group in September 2015. I had been struggling for a while with my mental health and had just made the big step of opening up to my rheumatology nurse about how I was feeling. I had been… Continue Reading “Why Online Support Groups Can Be So Helpful”

GYBO Ball 2017

Apologies for being quiet this weekend. I have been in Birmingham attending the GetYourBellyOut ball, celebrating three years of their campaign. The founders did an amazing job and the party was brilliant. There was an Alice In Wonderland theme and the venue looked fab.… Continue Reading “GYBO Ball 2017”