Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from our family to yours 💙💙💖


I hope you are all managing to enjoy your bank holiday weekend and the school holidays. The boys were with their Dad for the first week of the holidays which is always difficult as I miss them terribly.

I had the GYBO ball to keep me busy for the first weekend and it was brilliant getting to spend the few days away with Ste and our friends.

Then we have spent a few days at Ste’s. We have had Layla a couple of times which has been lovely. She is getting more used to me now and loves to play. She even climbed up on me when she was tired the other day and let me rock her to sleep. Can’t beat a baby snuggle when they go to sleep on you!

We have had a BBQ, gone to the cinema and enjoyed a good few lie ins without the boys around to get us up! They came home on Friday which was brilliant, lots of cuddles and Pete’s Dragon, the new movie before bed!

We are now back at Ste’s and have enjoyed dog walks, park visits, Easter craft and obviously the Easter Bunny paid a visit so far this weekend! Layla will be here again on Tuesday and it will be lovely to spend some time together, the five of us!

Will be sure to pop back and let you know what we have been up to during the rest of the school holidays!

Leo And Riley’s Sunday Night Takeover

Excited to announce the start of ‘Leo and Riley’s Sunday Night Takeover’!

I thought it would be great to get the boys involved with the blog and get their thoughts, opinions and ideas out there about life with a Spoonie Mummy as a regular feature!

Due to my illnesses I’m not always able to get the boys out of the house to the park or the cinema for example. They are extremely understanding of Mummy being poorly and one thing we love to do together on rest days is play board games! Tonight the boys have compiled their top 10 board game recommendations for you!


This is Riley’s absolute fave at the moment! It’s really simple – roll the dice, pick a burger with the corresponding colour and after popping the burger in the pigs mouth press his hat down the number of times it says on the underneath of the burger you chose. If the pig ‘pops’ you lose! Riley says he likes this game as ‘it is fun and the pig is very pretty’. It doesn’t take long to play and isn’t hideous to have to play over and over as Riley sometimes likes doing!


Leo got this for Christmas after outgrowing a junior version of the game we had. This is a good one when you have a longer period of time to play as it can take a while! Leo is a huge Pokémon fan and this is great twist on the classic game – there are a few different versions available now in the shops. Leo says his favourite Pokémon is Pikachu!

3 – UNO
We love to play this game and have our own ‘Uno Championships’ regularly where its first to win 5 or 10 games gets crowned champion! There’s a junior version of the game which is a great introduction to the rules for little ones. The boys soon got the hang of it though and love nothing more than being able to put down a card which causes the next player to miss a turn or have to pick up cards – meanies!

Leo has chosen this game as he says he really enjoys playing it but I can’t say it is one of my favorites to be honest! Possibly to do with the fact I’m not very good at it and it just frustrates me but as this is the boys list I had to include it!

5 – Top Trumps
We have a few different Too Trumps sets including Harry Potter, Star Wars and they even have a Paw Patrol set at Ste’s house so we can play there! Another relatively easy game for them to pick up the rules of and the sort of game you can play a few times without it causing too much of a headache! Leo says that his favourite set is the Harry Potter one and Riley’s is the Paw Patrol one!


One that Leo got for Christmas! A great game that doesn’t take too long and can be played a few times over. It’s also easy to adapt for younger players by altering the rules yourself. Leo likes this game ‘as I’m good at it and the timer is fun’!

7 – GO FISH!
We play a few different card games but Go Fish was the one the boys chose as their favourite. Card games are great – quick and easy and you can play so many different games with just one deck of cards!

This is a Monsters Inc version of Guess Who! The boys love this game and the added novelty factor is getting to press the button and spin the door if they correctly guess their opposition’s monster! Riley (aged 5) sometimes needs a little promoting as to which monsters he needs to put down after asking a question but otherwise it’s easily enjoyed by us all!

Another game that Riley asked for from Santa! He really enjoys playing this one and also happily sits playing by himself, rolling the dice and changing the teeth for gold coins! It doesn’t take too long and is easy to understand and play so great to wile away a short space of time. It’s does get boring easily so not one you want to be playing too many times in a row however!

A minion twist on the classic Frustration game and another firm favourite of us all! The boys find it hilarious when they land on each others (and especially mine) characters heads and send them back to the start! Riley seems to be really lucky when it comes to this game and he regularly beats us! Like Monopoly, there are many different versions of this game out there now including Frozen and Angry Birds sets.

Hope you have enjoyed the first takeover and get a chance to try out some of the boy’s favourite games!