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Ad | Sponsored Post So not only do you have to deal with a disability as a young person – you then have it impact every area of your life including dating! It is something I have had to deal with my whole life… Continue Reading “DISABLED DATING”

What Is Body Confidence?

I was in a relationship for years with a man who I believe may have narcissistic tendancies. A man who emotionally abused me. First, came the love bombing. The constant adoration, the you are so amazing and look, so am I taking you on… Continue Reading “What Is Body Confidence?”

Sex With An Ostomy (and numerous other health issues)

So after doing the deed the other night I couldn’t help but lay there giggling.  Luckily, it wasn’t a reflection on the sex which was, as always, very good, but I realised that between us me and Ste had ‘on’ two ostomy bags, a… Continue Reading “Sex With An Ostomy (and numerous other health issues)”

8 Things You Will Understand When Both You and Your Partner Have A Chronic Illness

Me and Ste have now been together almost ten months.  We met through an online support group for people with IBD, becoming friends before meeting up and starting a relationship. My ex-husband was not very supportive when it came to my health problems.  It… Continue Reading “8 Things You Will Understand When Both You and Your Partner Have A Chronic Illness”