April Favourites

The end of April already – how time flies!  I have found myself saying that so much already this year but it’s true, it seems to be flying by.  Anyone else feel the same?  We are already a third of the way through 2018, that’s crazy!  Anyway, I didn’t get round to doing a favourites post last month but this month I have lots to share with you so enjoy.

The Client List
the client list

I started watching this last month on Netflix and am loving it, I have about half of season two to go now.  It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt who I think is great, and tells her story of being abandoned by her husband and starting a new job as a masseuse at a place she soon finds out offers extras – and she really needs the money!  Lots of laughs, heartbreak and the anticipation of someone finding out what’s going on keeps you on your toes with this one, definitely recommend it!

Gold Rush

gold rush

My family all watch this show and I never really got into it – until Ste started me watching it!  Now I love it and have found the recent spin off following Parker and crew into the jungle really interesting too.  Even the boys have started watching it too, their little eyes light up when they see them measuring the gold at the end of the episodes!  I don’t watch a huge amount of TV and things I do watch, I mainly record and catch up when I can.

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion


I have heard so much about this and decided last month to pop in and give it a try.  One of the lovely staff members (they all seem like the happiest people on Earth in there and are so friendly and helpful) asked if she could help and I told her what I was looking for.  She kindly found me a tub and explained where best to use it.  She explained it is a natural product and is designed to help aid sleep but obviously isn’t a miracle cure.  However, both me and Ste have been using it for around a month now and have found it works brilliantly!  Really helps aid relaxation at bedtime and is a good part of my night time routine.  It smells lovely and I love that the products from Lush are natural and not tested on animals.  If you struggle to wind down in the evening I would suggest giving it a try.  I put it on the pulse points of my wrist and neck and it rubs in really easily and doesn’t go greasy.

Bath Bomb by Saboa


This bath bomb came in my March The Mummy Club box and it was AMAZING!  Smelled divine, looked pretty and my skin was so soft and smooth when I got out the bath that even Ste commented on it!  Heavenly, will be ordering from these again!

Find them on Instagram – Hello Saboa



It has arrived and I couldn’t be happier to have spent my birthday week enjoying the warmer temperatures and lovely sunshine.  I am sure I have a little S.A.D. – I really do feel a whole lot better when the sun is out.


Another integral part of mine and Ste’s bedtime routine now.  It has been nice to start using more natural remedies rather than medication to aid sleep and a warm, milky Horlicks just hits the spot!

MakeUp Revolution Palette – Reloaded


I finally found the palette I have been after for the last two or three months and treated myself to it with some of my birthday money.  It’s only £4 which is a bargain and is full of colours I adore!  Have used it a couple of times but can’t wait to keep trying different looks.  I really love the Make Up Revolution palettes and own a few now.  I find them good quality, inexpensive and they have great variety.

Peach Coca Cola

I thought the Mango was nice…but the peach one is even better!!!  I love peach flavoured pretty much anything anyway so no surprise I liked this really.  Have you tried it yet?

Dog Shampoo

I grabbed this dog shampoo as I knew we were almost out of our current bottle.  It was in one of the Aldi ‘random’ aisles and cost about £3 from memory.  We have only used it once so far, but it left Knox’s coat really smooth and shiny and smelled amazing.  This lasted a lot longer than the one we were using before too and his skin has been great with it.  Definitely keeping my eye out for it to appear again and will grab a few bottles to keep us stocked up.


This isn’t a new favourite for the month but we have played it a lot this month (Easter Holidays and all that) and we just love it!  We have Uno championships pretty much daily and whoever wins five games first is crowned Uno champion for the day.  It is a really simple game that even young children can enjoy (there is a Junior version too) and just lots of fun.  Some of the kid’s board games can get a bit boring, even when they love them, but this one always keeps us all entertained.

Chicken Korma Pot Noodle

Wow!  Pot Noodle have bought a few new flavours out but this one has to be the best ever!  Absolutely delicious and even Ste agrees!  I have also tried the Sausage Casserole one which is nice but nothing to rave about and have a BBQ Pulled Pork one in the cupboard to try so will let you know how that goes.

Horrible Histories Colouring Book


I have loved the Horrible Histories books since being a child and now as an adult I love a good colouring book.  Finding the two combined in The Works made me slightly excited and I had to grab a copy.  I find colouring really therapeutic and a great non-screen time hobby

My Birthday

I did it, this month I turned 32.  I had an absolutely fab day.  Two friends came to stay and the four of us went for a prosecco breakfast.  Ste wasn’t feeling well at all but managed to make it out with us.  We then chilled at home in the garden in the beautiful sunshine before going to meet up with my family in the pub for an evening of drinks and laughs.  Was really relaxed, fun and I was thoroughly spoilt.  Thankyou for all the lovely messages I received, they all meant so much.

I am going to leave it there as could go on all day, especially as it has been two months since I last did a favourites post.  I hope you liked and will try some of my suggestions.  Please let me know what you have loved this month in the comments below

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

Five Friday Favourites

So who has the Friday feeling? I’m not quite there yet, very tired today and I had to go to a hospital appointment this afternoon. Thought I would get on with my weekly favourites to cheer myself up a little!

I went into Superdrug on Wednesday and the eyeshadow palette I have been waiting for was finally back in stock! The MakeUp Revolution Flawless 3 Resurrection Palette is a beaut and I have heard is a great dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I was so pleased to be able to get my hands on one and my eyeshadow palette collection is now well rounded off (at least for now!). They are super value for money too at only £8!


I ended up in one of my other favourite shops, Primark, while in town too. Found a few new tops, some more amazing outside lights for the garden, fairy lights for around my bedroom mirror and picked up some face wipes. The face wipes smell just like some of the antibiotic medicine I used to get as a child and I love it! I take off my makeup at night with my Simple Cleansing Oil that I’ve mentioned before and then a facial wash. I then only need to use these wipes or do a facial wash in the morning when I get up before moisturising and applying makeup. I also managed to pick up some bits for the boys for the holiday. Mostly Leo, as he has had another growth spurt! I find Primark perfect for the kids as they grow so fast and I love it for me too. The prices are great and it means I can give my wardrobe a little overhaul every now and again without spending a fortune!


Next up is sunshine! Been absolutely loving the weather this week, been nice to bring out the Summer clothes for me and the boys and getting more fresh air. My hair is feeling a little more frazzled though…if anyone can recommend a good shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair I’m looking for new ones to try!


Me and Ste watched the new Power Rangers movie a couple of nights again. All I can say is wow! Totally what I wanted from the movie after being a huge Mighty Morphine Power Rangers fan when I was younger! The new suits, zords and everything looked amazing. Do you remember the old scenes where they used toys to make it look like they were destroying the city?! And yes…a part of me still wants to be the pink ranger! I was also really pleased to see one of the Power Rangers was autistic. It’s a great way of helping young kids with autism understand that they are all superheroes and they can do anything they want! It will also help spread much needed awareness of the condition which is often poorly understood I find.


And lastly I want to say how proud I am of how my ‘Dressing With An Ostomy’ week has gone on my blog. I’ve had lots of lovely responses and interaction. Amazing and brave people sending over photos for me to use. I hope it’s helped some people. I know I’ve been quite upset talking to some people and seeing how badly their confidence about this issue has been knocked. Some people struggle so much that they barely leave the house. I hope seeing all these ostomates rocking their outfits, whatever they choose to wear and keeping a sense of their own style about it the whole time inspires people that having an ostomy does not have to affect how you dress and diminish your clothing choices. I have really enjoyed the idea of having a themed week too so may do this again at some point! Any ideas for themes please let me know in the comments or by messaging me!

That’s all for this week, thankyou to everyone for reading all week and interacting through my different social media outlets. Remember you can follow me on

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Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!