Ways To Make Your Favourite Naughty Food Healthy by Guest Blogger Brittnay Sharman

Today I have another guest post, this time written by the lovely Brittnay Sharman.  Brittnay is an Australian who lived in London for two years.  She managed to squeeze in 21 trips to Europe & Africa in that time . She is passionate about her health and her family.  You will find her healthy and delicious recipes on The Nut Butter Hub

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Ways to Make Your Favourite Naughty Food Healthy

Junk food is great right? It’s scrummy and tasty and moreish, but it’s not always so great for our health. The likes of cheesy pizza, crispy fries and ice cream make it difficult to avoid. Just need to arm yourself with a little bit of knowledge to understand how to tweak  your favourites so you can still enjoy them. Here are some healthier alternatives our favourite comfort food.

Don’t Step Away from The French Fries

The next time you want fries try baking them instead of deep frying them litres of oil. When at home try tossing your sweet potato wedges in a bag with olive oil and semolina. This coating with ensure you get a crispy oven chip every time. You can also try using a healthy oil like coconut to help reduce your cholesterol levels.

Healthy Fried Rice, That Still Tastes like Rice

Rice can be good in moderation however, if you find that when you cook it there is enough for the whole village (and you managed it eat it all) it might be time to find an alternative.

All you need to do is roughly chop your cauliflower and throw in a food processor for a minute.  You will find that the texture is very similar to rice. Use this ‘faux’ rice can be used in any dish where you would have normally used white rice and it tastes just the same. One of our favourites is cauliflower fried rice, the family didn’t even blink an eyelid when I served this one up!

Add Some Smoky Flavours

Smoking food is a simple way of packing loads of flavour into your food. It also adds a great depth to your dishes. You can hot or cold smoke your food to give different depth of flavour. Hot smoking both cooks and flavours your food whereas cold smoking only flavours it

I’m sure we’ve all heard of smoking meat and fish however, using your gas smoker you can also smoke fruit & vegetables. This can open up the world to a new level of tastes! What about smoked garlic or smoked aubergines? You can use different woods to give different smoke flavours or even soak the wood in your wine. You can also add spices and herbs to your smoker to infuse new flavours

Use Healthy Natural Sweeteners

One of the main culprits for making your food unhealthy is sugar. Well, there are lots of things which are naturally, which you can use to replace sugar.

You can use honey, dates, agave or coconut sugar as a replacement for sugar in recipes. Dried fruits like sultanas are a great way of making cereals a bit sweeter and palatable. Bananas are great for making pancakes with, they add a sweetness that is absolutely delicious

Make Your Own Chocolate Bars

If you find you a get a hankering for chocolate, try making it yourself. There is a huge difference between cocoa and cacao, so just by making the conscious decision to use better ingredients will improve your healthy. Cacao powder is packed with nutrients and taste just as good as cocoa. We love making our own truffles, it only takes a few simple ingredients such as coconut oil, cacao powder and sea salt.

Can’t Give Up Mac and Cheese?

Processed pasta is not a good thing to eat on a regular basis. Get rid of boxed mac and cheese and make some at home. You can make a velvety cheese-based sauce with added butternut squash. This sweet taste on mac and cheese is sure to be satisfying.

Take it a step further and replace your high carb noodles with a plant-based pasta made out of chickpeas or legumes. The texture may be a little grainier than regular pasta but it tastes almost the same.  

Educating yourself is crucial when it comes to eating well. Rather than denying yourself or overindulging, just a few tweaks here and there won’t have you missing out on anything. Turn these idea and behaviours in habits to ensure you lead the healthiest lifestyle possible (well still enjoying it)!


The Spoonie Mummy Reviews – The Mummy Club

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone’s weeks have started well after a lovely weekend.  I have been a bit up and down the past few weeks since getting out of hospital, so I am trying to get back on an even keel this week.  I may not be posting as regularly for a little while but am aiming for two posts a week, and am starting to post videos on my YouTube channel again but please bear with me.

I have been mentioning The Mummy Club subscription boxes for a while now (check out my January Favourites and Mother’s Day Gift Guide posts).  I first came across The Mummy Club on Instagram and thought the idea was a brilliant one.  There are many subscription boxes out there, mainly containing make up and skincare products but I feel like they can be very hit and miss with introducing you to products you may or may not like.  I loved this idea as the items contained are pretty dislike-proof and can be used by everyone.  I have been writing a lot recently about taking time for yourself as I feel this is important for everyone to do, and I feel like a lot of women and mums, don’t give themselves this time as they can be so busy.  This box gives you everything you need to take that time out for a bit each month, whether it be a little every day or some time once a week.

I received my first box in January as a gift and couldn’t wait to get into it.  I was delighted at the contents.  The box included

  • A spacemask
  • ‘Sketchy Mama’ by Anna Lewis
  • A pack of four Optiat coffee face exfoliating scrubs
  • Albus & Flora lip balm
  • Notecard
  • Postcard

I have been enjoying testing the items out and have found them all useful so far.  The spacemask was a huge hit.  I had a relaxing bath then got into bed and popped the mask on.  It was made of soft cloth and looked really pretty, I almost didn’t want to put it in the bin when I finished with it.  The mask heated up on my eyes and the smell was subtle but nice.  I enjoyed twenty minutes of relaxing and really zenned out, even with Ste getting out of the shower and starting harassing me. I took my bedtime meds, picked up my book but within ten minutes I was asleep! Ste had to put my book away and turn off my lamp. I’m not sure if it is supposed to help you sleep but it was certainly a welcome side effect for me, as I often struggle to drop off.

I’ve only had a quick flick tbrouth the book but have had a giggle so far at some of the pictures. I’ve also used two of the face scrubs, they are really lovely. The exfoliating beads are small but do the job and as long as you don’t mind quite a strong scent of coffee you will love them!

The lip balm has also had plenty of use as I’ve been really struggling with dry lips and this was just what I needed.  I love the packaging of it too, looks great int he handbag.

I was so impressed I just had to sign up. Each box is £18 and p&p is £2.75. you get an email at the end of the month reminding you that your payment will be taken and the date it will go out in case you want to unsubscribe – there is no contract so you can miss a month or unsubscribe at any time. There is also an option to get a mini box which I believe is £11. You can also purchase boxes to send as gifts which I think would be a lovely idea for a mum to be or new mummy, as well as a mum friend in need of a pick me up.

My second box in February was equally as fab and contained

  • A spacemask
  • Bath Tea
  • Bath Salt Soak
  • Salted Caramel Marshmallows
  • ‘Five Go Parenting’ book

I have also just received my March box but won’t go into what is in that one as I don’t want to spoil the contents for anyone who hasn’t had theirs yet!

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the contents and the absolutely lovely customer service you receive from them.  These products have definitely given me that nudge to make a little more time for myself which I probably wouldn’t normally get if I was expected to go to the shops and actually buy products for this purpose.

If you are interested in signing up, head over to their website and take a look, it is really simple to join and I am sure you will be impressed.  Hope you enjoy your boxes as much as I do!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

What My Kids Eat In A Weekend

I have been studying health and wellbeing as part of my university degree recently and it has been a real eye opener to the problem of children being overweight and obese.  One thing contributing to this is the advances in technology (I was shocked to read that the average child in the UK spends 6 hours in front of a screen per day) and obviously food plays a part.  I am not the healthiest foodie mummy but I encourage my children to eat a balanced diet with the occasional treat.  I have shared a typical weekend with the boys and what they eat which will hopefully inspire you and give you a good idea of a routine for them.  The boys are 6 and 9 years old but if you are interested I will do a post about what my 23 month old step-daughter eats in an average weekend too, please comment below if you would like to see that.



I collect the boys from school and get ready for the drive back to Derby.  I give them both a carton of apple juice and a packet of Mini Stars biscuits for a snack


Tea is a little later than usual as we have a long drive back to Derby but tonight Ste has made us ‘Pizza Crumpets’ for tea.  We picked up some large sized crumpets and spread some tomato puree mixed with a little tomato ketchup on them and added grated cheese, hot-dog slices and me and Leo had some Worcestershire sauce to top them off.  They were delicious and the boys loved them!  The boys had some squash to drink with this.



Leo chose an Oreo hot chocolate and Riley had a choc-banana milkshake (using the powdered Nesquik in milk, I just added a spoonful of each).  They also both had four chocolate coins from their Christmas stash.



Breakfast today was waffles served with strawberries and banana and some chocolate sauce.  I had this too and we all wolfed it down, delicious.  The boys had a yoghurt drink with this and a cup of squash.  I generally leave a jug of squash on the side for them so they can fill up and drink throughout the day.



Riley asked to have one of his kinder eggs from Christmas so I let him have this for a snack and Leo has a chocolate lolly penguin.



Today we have come into town to do a bit of shopping and we decide to have lunch in BB’s cafe in the Intu Derby centre.  Leo has a large sausage roll with some cheese and onion crisps and Riley chooses a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich with some ready salted crisps.  They both have a fruit shoot and eat every bit (apart from a couple of bits of crust from Riley.



We have taken the boys bowling for a treat and let them have a small slush puppy each while we are there.


Tea tonight is spaghetti bolognaise.  I don’t use a jar but make my own sauce.

You will need

1 carton of passata

2 tbsp tomato puree

One beef stock cube dissolved in a small amount of water

Mixed herbs

Worcestershire sauce

How I make it

I brown the mince and then throw in an onion and a coupke opf cloves of garlic.  Add the ingredients shown above (I do it to taste, you may want to add slightly more or less of the ingredients), stir together and simmer for twenty minutes.

I served this with linguine pasta and garlic bread.  The boys had a yoghurt each after this and drank a smoothie.



Tonight Riley chose a choco-banana milkshake again and Leo had a white chocolate and strawberry hot chocolate.



I made a cooked breakfast this morning.  Riley had a sausage and tomato ketchup sandwich and Leo had bacon, sausage, chopped tomatoes and bread.  They both had a smoothie to drink.



We went to meet the boy’s cousin at a play centre and they had a jug of juice to drink while they played.


Roast dinner time!  The boys ate roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, leeks, Yorkshire puddings and stuffing.  Leo has gravy but Riley doesn’t.  Both have squash with their dinner and afterwards have one of the chocolate caramel cupcakes Leo made with me while I cooked dinner.



Hope this has been a helpful and interesting post to read.  As I said above, please let me know if you would like to see a similar post on what my 23 month old stepdaughter eats in a weekend too.

For more fab and budget friendly meal ideas check out this new blog I have recently come across – I Prefer Cooking – yummy recipes to feed your family for under £1.50!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy