December Challenge

Good morning and happy December to you all!  It is one of my favourite months, I love all things festive and spending so much family time having fun!  What are you looking forward to this month?

Last Month’s Challenge

In November I set myself a challenge to give myself some time each day to complete a task for myself. I honestly didn’t keep up with it as the month went a little awry with Ste being taken into hospital. However, I found time to make sure I kept up some semblance of self care. Ste was originally taken into Derby hospital as he became ill while staying with me but was then transferred to his specialist hospital in Leeds. This meant it became difficult to see him as often as the drive takes its toll, especially when I’m not 100% myself. Ste definitely helped me with this. He knows that I would do the drive, every day, even if it made me poorly so he told me I wasn’t to. This took a lot of pressure off me which was great. Although I didn’t do an individual thing every day of the month, I did do the majority of the things on my list at some point during November, and will definitely revisit this challenge again next year. 

December Challenge

So onto December. This month I decided I wanted to do a photo challenge. It is a skill I really want to start improving and I felt this month would be a perfect time to start with lots of fab photo opportunities. My lovely friend and fellow blogger – @thegranthams – is hosting a photo challenge over on her Instagram this month and so I’ve decided to join her. She’s also offering a prize for one lucky person who joins in which is perfect for this time of year, a £100 Amazon giftcard. Be sure to head on over, check it out and join in – you might be the lucky winner!

I hope you decided to participate and I will be looking forward to seeing everyones festive pics! You can find me on Instagram by my username @thespooniemummy 

The Snowman Tour – Christmas 2018

I know, I know it is only September –  but I am already in planning mode for Christmas!  As I only have the boys for half of the holidays and every other weekend in the lead up to Christmas, I have to be especially on the ball and make sure I book things early so we don’t miss out.

This year I wanted to share one of the things I will be doing in December.  The Snowman has always been one of my favourite Christmas films and I was delighted when Carrot Productions asked me to be one of their bloggers for this years The Snowman Live tour.

© Snowman Enterprises Limited

For those who don’t know (shock horror) – The Snowman was originally a children’s picture book, written by Raymond Briggs.  It was then released as a short film in the early 80’s and has been shown pretty much every year since at Christmas time.  Carrot Productions have bought the film to life, presenting it in many different venues around the country on a big screen alongside a full orchestra.

Photography © Gareth Widdowson

This year, the performance will also feature a brand new short film – A Donkey’s Tale –  – accompanied by the orchestra, a visit from The Snowman himself, and a fun introduction to the orchestra (please note – some venues will be showing The Bear and the Piano as their short film).

Some performances are already sold out and they are predicted to be all sold out before December so don’t miss out – book today!  I am attending one of the performances in The Octagon, Buxton.  I can’t wait as I know that it has recently been refurbished and the area around The Pavilion is lovely.

Check out venues, dates and book your tickets click here!

I really love attending things like this – it will get us right in the mood for Christmas at the beginning of December – perfect timing!  What is your favourite Christmas film?  Let me know in the comments below!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

Thankyou to Carrot Productions for including me in the tour – I have received free tickets in return for my posting about it but all opinions expressed are my own


BlogMas Day 2 – 12 Days Of Christmas Chronic Illness Style


On the 12th day of Christmas, chronic illness gave to me

12 breakfast tablets,

11 early nights,

10 pred rages,

9 fill your faces,

8 doctor visits,

7 bouts of brain fog,

6 non-alcoholic cocktails,

5 swollen joints,

4 heat pads,

3 bag leaks,

2 stool samples,

and a blockage cuz I ate nuts!