What A Difference A Fortnight Makes…

Today hasn’t been a great day – arthritis pain is at an all time high and is really taking it out if me. Luckily my belly is not behaving too badly so counting small blessings.

It may sound shallow but I am struggling with the visible symptoms of my illnesses at the moment. Struggling to walk around with a zimmer frame aged 30 is a little embarrassing. The high doses of IV steroids are making me put on weight which is extremely noticeable on my face and knocking my confidence quite a lot.

Too tired to do my hair and put on a bit of makeup at the moment which is one thing I like to do every day. We all have our little things which help give us a little confidence and feel a bit brighter and make up is definitely one of those for me. I’m no expert at it but I just feel ready to face any challenge with a bit of war paint on!

I apologise for the photo below of me looking so awful but I think you can see how these illnesses – not just the diseases themselves but side effects from the drugs aswell – can take their toll. I’ve added a photo taken at a family party just over a couple of weeks ago so you can see how quickly these things can make such a difference. Definitely looking forward to getting that smile back soon!


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