Good morning! Was recharging the batteries yesterday so didn’t post. Needed a good rest and also managed to go through all my paperwork which has needed doing since I moved, so feel like I did some good!

Had a bit of nice news on Sunday night when i found out I had won a Facebook competition I had entered on a local wax melts page. Yesterday I went and collected my prize – a burner and a selection of wax melts. Laura was lovely and didn’t mind letting me smell some of the melts she had made in the scents I had won and some I hadn’t.

On getting home from the school run in the afternoon I decided to try out my prize and popped a quarter of a pot of ‘Jamaica Me Crazy’ into my new burner and popped a candle underneath. It wasn’t long till my living room was filled with the most amazing smell!

I’ve previously ordered wax melts from other places and found that the scent quickly disappears and all I can then smell is hot wax – not pleasant! This however, lasted all evening so I was super impressed! I’ve also been told i should be able to relight it today and it still smell lush – will comment with an update when I put it on later but I will be really happy if I can get more than one burn out of them too!

I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the other melts – particularly the ‘Monkey Farts’ – a fun name and for someone who misses farting since having my bag, it just makes me smile!

I like to give credit where it’s due and Princess Melts deserves it for making fab products and for putting a smile on my face with my prize! I’m posting a link to the page for any of you interested in buying your own. If you are local you can collect but they can also be posted out too for those further afield! I hope your noses will be as happy as mine is!


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