Be The Mum Your Children Need

I’ve been subscribed to this ladies YouTube channel for some time now. She usually posts funny but realistic videos about being a Mum and one went viral on Facebook which is when I came across her.

A couple of nights ago, in another steroid induced insomnia episode I watched her latest video and it really struck a nerve so I had to share it with you!

I’m sure so many mum’s feel this way! I don’t imagine you have to be a single mum either, but as a single mum who has the added struggle of chronic illnesses I really identify with the feelings of not being good enough for my children at times.

But this video made me smile because I realised straight away that what she is saying is completely right thanks to my own childhood memories!

Growing up my mum was a single parent to me and my younger brother for around 4 years. My biological dad was not great, visits were hit and miss and he did not give my mum any help financially. It was a struggle for her, dealing with a poorly child who had lots of hospital appointments, pain and medications to sort aswell as a newborn. And obviously money was always in short supply. We knew nothing of this at the time of course.

But still, to this day (and we talk about it regularly) one of me and my brother’s favourite early memories is Pizza Fridays! My mum would buy the plain pizza bases and every Friday me and my brother would be allowed to create and decorate our own pizzas for tea. It was only recently my mum told us she couldn’t afford takeaway pizza or anything more fancy. She would buy it this way so we could use up leftovers and save money. But it was so much fun and meant we spent time together, talking and laughing.

And that’s exactly what Kristina talks about in her video. My childhood memories aren’t full of stress, tiredness, tears and worrying. I remember the times we spent together, talking, having fun and playing.

Our children just need our time and attention for a little bit of quality time every day. Making pizzas, reading a bedtime story, a game of football in the garden, a movie night, the list is endless! Even in hospital the boys would come and visit and me and Leo would snuggle up and help me do my puzzle book.

So please stop worrying about what you ‘should’ be doing, what the other mums are doing and about spending a fortune and focus on being the mum your children need! Thankyou Kristina!


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