Happy Birthday To Me!

So today is my birthday and I’m writing this on Monday as I plan on spending the day on an adventure with the boys! Last year I spent the big 3-0 in hospital and I have had a few pretty dodgy birthdays over the years, so I am hoping to be able to just enjoy today with my favourites!

To honour the day I thought I would share 31 things about me that don’t involve poo, medication, hospitals or similar!

1 – My favourite Disney Princess is Belle. I was (and still am) a bookworm and loved the fact that even though it was considered geeky to love reading, their was a Disney Princess who liked to do the same!
2 – I am a qualified nursery nurse. After having to leave my college A-Level courses due to bad health, I started working at a nursery and completed my NVQ level 3 in Childcare and Education. I worked in nurseries from the age of 17 to 25, after having Riley.
3 – My dream as a child was to be a doctor (a pediatrician). Now I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending any more time in hospital than needed!
4 – I worked the Summer season (March to October) at East Midlands Airport when I was 21. I worked for the carrier Menzies and generally checked in, boarded and met EasyJet flights. I also trained on the sales desk. I had so much fun and really loved this job!
5 – I don’t like my birthday. Aside from getting old something always seems to go wrong. From being in hospital for my 30th, to breaking up with my boyfriend of 3 years on my 21st, to spending my 27th in quarantine with two poorly, chicken-poxed boys…it never seems to go my way!
6 – I had a horrible car accident aged 21, when a woman decided to do a U-Turn on an A road and slam into the side of me. Luckily she hit me hard enough to knock me off the road completely as there was a lorry coming up behind me. The lorry driver stopped and managed to get me out of my car as I was trapped. My poor car was written off and although she did accept liability it was not a nice experience
7 – My favourite foods are cheese, pizza, egg custards, mash potato, gravy, marshmallows, bacon, treacle sponge with custard, beef monster munch and jelly babies
8 – I have one tattoo of 7 stars on my lower back. I have my next two already planned out!
9 – If I had the money to have plastic surgery I would have a boob job
10 – My favourite drinks are tea, Costa decaf vanilla lattes, white wine (especially Pinot Grigio), gin and tonic, jagerbombs, peach flavoured water and the Starbucks Christmas special eggnog lattes
11 – My favourite colour is pink
12 – My favourite time of year is Christmas. The whole month just feels magical and I love everything about it
13 – The number 13 doesn’t bother me, I always think ‘lucky for some’ means me
14 – I would say my favourite season is Summer as it’s hot but I think there’s something wonderful about every season. Spring for the new start, blossom and daffodils, Autumn for the beautiful colours and smells and Christmas is in Winter!
15 – I realised my passion for writing while studying for my GCSE’s. We were doing about persuasive writing and I wrote a piece on immigration which to this day I’m very proud of. It ignited something in me, made me realise what the written word could achieve and I wish I would have pursued it sooner
16 – My favourite books are The Outsiders and Little Women
17 – If I could own a piece of designer clothing it would be a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes
18 – I love going to the theatre and have seen Singing In The Rain, Oliver!, Rent, Wicked, Spice Girls The Musical, We Will Rock You, Les Miserables, XFactor The Musical, Chicago and The Sound of Music among others. If West Side Story was bought back to the West End it would make my year!
19 – The most beautiful beaches I have ever visited were in Bonaire and Aruba. In Aruba I had fish swimming around my feet, it was surreal but amazing! And Bonaire had the whitest sand, bluest sea and was just stunning!
20 – Anthea Turner once interviewed me as a child about my arthritis. I also appeared in the medical TV show ‘Lifeline’ and have done several newspaper articles, radio shows and been invited to doctor’s conferences by my rheumatologist, who would proceed to talk about my case to rooms full of doctors and students! I have also written numerous articles for the Young Arthritis Care magazine and went on their roadshow bus to speak to members of the public about the charity when it was in my hometown
21 – I can play Father and Son by Boyzone on the keyboard (one handed) but don’t know how to play any instruments properly
22 – I would love to visit lots more places but top of the list are New York, Paris, Venice, Rome and Pompeii
23 – I love rollercoasters but can’t do pirate ships!
24 – Ive completed my first year of my degree but have had to defer the past two years due to health problems. I restart in October and am excited but apprehensive. I will be studying a module on Working With Children and Their Families and am really looking forward to it
25 – My worst fear is dying. I also hate clowns, heights and people dressed up (like football mascots in those massive costumes) as I think it’s strange that they want to come and touch you
26 – My favourite animal is a giraffe. I also love dolphins, whales, elephants and gorillas
27 – One of my favourite smells is the sea. I also like the smell of leather, just baked bread, freshly cut grass and men’s aftershave
28 – I left school with 11 GCSE’s, 2 A’s, 8 B’s and a C. My A’s were in English Language and English Literature
29 – I can’t sing at all but I love to, I just keep it to the privacy of my own home and car!
30 – My lucky number is 7. It was Robin Van Der Laan’s number when he played for Derby County and I loved him!
31 – I have never broken a bone! Not even a finger!

Happy hump-day to you all and I will fill you in on the birthday shenanigans tomorrow!

One Hull of a Dad

6 Comments on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. I love Christmas too and agree it is a month long thing. I also think 13 isnt unlucky as I was born on the 13th. #oldschoolposts


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