Leo And Riley’s Sunday Night Takeover

So this evening me and the boys have been talking about our favourite movies and thought that we would share them with you! We decided on our top 10 and they are:

First up is Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We went to see this when it came out and it’s now Leo’s favourite of all! He described it as ‘awesome’ and says Gamora is his favourite character as she’s cool and the best girl warrior in the universe. Riley said he ‘liked it in the cinema’ and that Baby Groot was his favourite as ‘he is little’. He also made us laugh when he called Drax ‘Steve from October’ meaning the lovely Steve Cartmail who is Mr October in the Purple Wings Calender! Me and Ste both loved it too so definitely one for all the family.


What do you think?


Next up is Boss Baby. Leo said it was ‘real’ good – both funny and sad’ and Riley said ‘he watched it with Daddy’. I haven’t watched it all the way through yet but the trailer looked funny and the bit I saw was very good.

boss baby high chair

The third pick was Diary Of A Wimpy Kid – Long Haul. We went to see this at the cinema during the holidays and I have to agree with the boys – it was very funny! Leo has also read some of the books, including this one, and has really liked those too. Riley said it was ‘cool’ and his favourite part was ‘when the pig pooed in the potty in the car’. Leo thought the funniest part was when Roderick thought he had been shot. The funniest bit by far for me was not exactly a part of the film. There was a part where some birds dive-bombed the family car, and Ste, being scared of birds jumped out of his seat and ten foot in the air. I know I sound like the world’s worst girlfriend in the world but I could not stop laughing while he buried his head in my shoulder. I laughed so much I had tears rolling down my face! We both really enjoyed the film aswell as the kids though. Riley sat still through the entire thing and stood up at the end and announced ‘i loved that film’s which made us all smile!

I’ve probably seen this movie a hundred times this year but the kids next choice is Trolls. They both enjoy this movie and have learnt all the songs. I filmed them both a few weeks ago and thought I would share one with you!

I have videos of them doing all the songs and they are excellent and so funny! We had so much fun that night!

Last week the boy’s watched the new Ghostbusters. Leo was a little worried at first but then soon got into it. He said it was ‘funny and very cool’ while Riley said ‘its scary and funny’. It was the first movie me and Ste went to see at the cinema so will always be a bit special.


The next film we watched a few weeks ago before bed and I enjoyed it as much as the boys. Leo actually wanted to watch it again the next night too. Riley said ‘I love it’ and Leo said he ‘really liked it’. The message of the film is lovely too, about not giving up on your dreams. Another big hit!


Another one we have probably watched over a hundred times is The Secret Life Of Pets. I took the boys to the cinema when it came out and since then Riley has been obsessed with it! He loves animals, especially dogs so it’s perfect for him! Here he is talking about it!

Leo wasn’t too sure about this next one being on list but relented as he said ‘I suppose Emma Watson is in it’. Riley wanted it on the list as he said it was ‘cool’. I have to agree with Riley but it’s my favourite Disney film of all time so I don’t think I could have disliked it!

Our number 8 made Leo remember some of his favourite films which we have watched over and over again and will probably continue to do so forever more – The Harry Potter series! Here he is chatting about it!


Last but not least is another recent watch. Leo’s favourite films used to be the Tim Burton ones. He loved Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline! I realised Riley hadn’t seen The Nightmare Before Christmas before so we watched it the other day. He was so excited and said it was ‘very funny’ to which Leo replied ‘it’ was basically scary’! How times have changed.


Well that’s their top ten, I hope you enjoyed it! What’s your family favourites? What do you think of our list? Let me know in the comments!

2 Comments on “Leo And Riley’s Sunday Night Takeover

  1. Ra-Ra is obsessed with Coraline last Halloween she asked me to dress her up as Coraline. My heart nearly burst. She likes Frozen (laaaame haha) Moana (amazing) Boss Baby, Beauty and The Beast oh and Lion King xx

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  2. Aw bless her! I liked Frozen and loved Moana! We went to see that at the cinema too and even Ste was impressed. Lion King is a Disney classic too, never tire of watching it. Peter Pan and Robin Hood are another two of my faves xx


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