A Letter To My Children

So me and the ladies on The IBD & Ostomy Support Show have been talking part in the #ostoMYlove challenge for June which Stephie over at Colitis To Ostomy came up with. It’s all about giving yourself a little time each day to appreciate, take time out and focus on yourself. This was my day four post and I wanted to share it on my blog too. Please comment if you would like more information on the challenge, you don’t need an ostomy to do it either. And it’s never too late to start giving yourself a little time each day!

Day 4 #ostoMYlove #thanksomeone

Today our micro action is to thank someone. I have chosen my amazing children.

Dear Leo and Riley,

My two beautiful boys. I want to thank you both for giving me the greatest gift I’ve ever been granted. Of being a mum, your mum.
I couldn’t be prouder of you both, of how you are growing and learning. Leo, you are handsome, compassionate, helpful and so clever. Your charity fundraising is a wonderful thing and I couldn’t be prouder. Riley you me smile with your cheekiness, you are gorgeous, empathetic and funny.
The last couple of years haven’t been easy for us. Mummy and Daddy split up, Mummy hasn’t been well and we moved to Derby. You two have coped amazingly well in what would have been tough for a grown up, never mind two young boys. I’m sorry I couldn’t shield you from the whole lot, I’m sorry for not being able to protect you from not being hurt at all. But I thankyou for being so brave, for opening up and being honest with me always, for starting new schools and not only getting on with it but thoroughly thriving.
I’m sorry that I’ve been poorly recently and not always been the Mum I want to be and have been in the past to you both. Before having you both I made a promise to myself that I would never rely on you both to care for me. I’m happy that this has never been the case but I do realise that sometimes you miss out when I can’t take you to the park one day or we miss a day out as I am not feeling too good. Thankyou for being happy playing board games, watching movies, colouring, baking and playing with playdough indoors.
Thankyou for always being there for a cuddle. Thankyou for being the reason I keep going, keep fighting, and look forward to every new day. Thankyou for being you.

Love you both so much,

Mummy xx

Me, Being Mummy

4 Comments on “A Letter To My Children

  1. Bless you… they sound like two happy and loving little boys. Don’t be hard on yourself, they know they are loved and that is all they need at the end of the day 😉 xxx Thank you again for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky! Xxx


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