Dressing With An Ostomy Week – Jasmine Stacey Collection

Well, where does any good outfit start…with the underwear of course!  Jasmine Stacey has Crohn’s disease and aged 20 was operated on giving her a permanent ileostomy.  After her operation she tried to seek out sexy, pretty underwear that she used to wear prior to her surgery and struggled.  She was determined to help other women in her situation.  Jasmine was accredited by the London College of Fashion in 2011 and designed her first underwear collection in 2013.


Her vision for her brand on the Jasmine Stacey website sums up her brand completely –

Flattering while being sexy, provocative without being flimsy – Jasmine Stacey is the
ultimate lingerie for those who need a little more confidence in their underwear. 

Whether they have the challenge of scars; ileostomy, colostomy or stretch marks; or simply prefer
more tummy control, our stunning collections empower women to be who they want to be.


Following my ileostomy surgery in April 2016 I was lucky enough to be visited by Lauren from Purple Wings Charity (https://www.facebook.com/Purple-Wings-Charity-1395856707348227/).  Her charity aims to support people with stomas through IBD regain their confidence.  They offer grants to help people accomplish this.  I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one and was given a Jasmine Stacey Collection voucher.  Lauren knew one of my biggest fears surrounded clothes and what I could and couldn’t wear with the bag and having come out of a marriage only a few months before was pretty newly single, so this was perfect for me.  It also gave me something to do while I was recovering in hospital, perusing the website for what I wanted to order!  I settled on two sets of bras and knickers and when they arrived I was absolutely thrilled with how beautiful and what good quality they are.  This is me just under two months post surgery in my Black Classic Highwaisted Briefs and I also ordered the Ivory Classic High Waisted Suspender Brief too.  The ivory pair are crotchless so perfect for intimate moments if you are still feeling a bit worried about having your bag on show.


The underwear offers amazing support without feeling too restrictive.  It flattens out your tummy so you can wear dresses and things much more confidently without feeling like your bag is sticking out.  I feel absolutely amazing when I wear mine, they make me feel beautiful and confident for any occasion.  I was lucky enough to get a grant as I said, otherwise the range is a little on the pricier side.  I do think the price reflects the quality and design of this underwear though, and if you purchased just one or two pieces they would be well worth the money.  It’s probably not something you would want for every day but is perfect for special occasions or perhaps date night!


You can check out the Jasmine Stacey collection website at


and on Facebook at


Feel free to message them too as they are extremely helpful with sizing and other available options.  Happy sexy shopping!


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