10 Small Victories For People With Chronic Illnesses

Anyone who is chronically ill will recognise most, if not all, of these scenarios. They play a part in our every day life, they are our normal. This list shows you the small things that help make these situations, that little bit easier.

1 – When you open up a packet of tablet tablets and don’t get the end with the information leaflet wrapped around it. It really is the little things that keep us happy you know!

2 – When you are in to see your doctor within half an hour of your appointment time. We already spend so much of our time in hospitals but then they make us wait, and wait, and wait some more. If you dare to be any more than ten minutes late, they will cancel your appointment but it seems that doctors can runs as late as they like with often little in the way of apology. Getting in on time (or even early) and you better be buying a lottery ticket on the way home!

3) Remembering to put your eyedrops in before you do your eye makeup. When you are making the effort, you do not want to end up with panda eyes and half your makeup rubbed off in the ensuing clean up job.

4 – Being well enough to put on makeup. Always a bonus and helps put a smile on your face!


5 – When your doctor gets your prescription right first time. I cannot begin to estimate the amount of time I have spent on the phone and actually inside the surgery/pharmacy trying to get this sorted. I have regular medication reviews and I order the same tablets every couple of weeks. It’s not that hard!

6 – Using the disabled toilet facilities or parking bays and not getting any under the breath comments, shady looks or indeed, shouted at for being too young/not looking sick/not being in a wheelchair. Yes this happens… Alot! Slowly things are changing but we still need to get the word out there that disabled does not mean old and you can’t see every disability.


7 – Getting through the day without a nap. What may be rather ‘normal’ for healthy folk really is a big deal for us. I can’t begin to describe how bad fatigue is as a symptom, but in my opinion, it’s one of the hardest things I have to deal with. Also resisting the urge to slap someone in the face who says ‘yes I’m tired too’. I’m not tired. I’m physically exhausted and mentally drained. It is not the same!

8 – As a child growing up poorly, I used to get poked and prodded rather a lot. My doctor’s would regularly have me in splints (both through the day and during the night), make me do exercises that hurt and injected my joints with steroids. So when my doctor wanted to assess my grip I would get alot of satisfaction from gritting my teeth and squeezing his fingers together as hard as I could. Small victory would be him asking for me to stop and having to give his hand a shake after. Have a taste of your own medicine doc! I promise I’m not a pyscho really!


9 – Managing to get a poo/wee sample without getting any on your hands. Sometimes they really give you the most basic of items to get your sample and it can be so tricky! I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I’ve weed on my hands but it’s alot!

10 – Bagging yourself a fan when you are an inpatient. They never have enough for everyone and hospitals are always boiling hot, so this is like winning the lottery. Especially when they have you on high dose steroids which make you sweat terribly combined with the plastic covered bed sheets it just isn’t pleasant.

Well there’s my list of ten. Can you add anymore? Let me know in the comments below and I will be back again soon!

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23 Comments on “10 Small Victories For People With Chronic Illnesses

    • Being able to get a shower without having to dash for toilet, soaking the bathroom in the process. Yay managed this the other day and even had time to get partially dried. Let’s hope the same goes for this morning’s shower 😉


  1. I haven’t worn make-up in years… perhaps I should re-think my stance on that and see if it makes me feel a bit brighter! Great post! 🙂
    Caz x


  2. A bed by the window does it for me when I am an in patient. Loved the pill packet and leaflet end – most definitely x


    • There are many worse off than me! But yes, the parking thing is seriously annoying and people need to realise about invisible illnesses and the fact you can be young and struggle with these kinds of conditions too! Xxx


  3. That 10 minutes rule at the drs is so annoying! I didn’t even have chronic illness but with 2 kids you spend a lot of time at the drs and it is so frustrating to have an appointment cancelled because you have been caught in traffic yet have spent literally hours and hours of your life waiting for them! #thelistlinky


  4. Great how you share the harsh realities and with humour too. Interesting that make-up makes you feel better too. I like this post as it made me think and will make others do too which is always a great thing


    • Thankyou! You have to laugh as sometimes otherwise, you would cry! Most people don’t see some of the little things that happen to people with chronic illnesses, the stuff around the edges, so I’m glad it made you think xx


  5. I don’t have a chronic illness but I do suffer with a lot of back problems and migraines and I can totally relate to number one. I feel like doing a little fist pump every time I open a packet the right way round 😂.


  6. I recognise so many of these, but they also really made me smile! Great post. #TheListLinky


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