Recipe – Slow Cooker Cajun Chicken Tagliatelle

Well you may or may not know but Ste, my boyfriend, is tube fed through a jejunostomy (the tube goes into his jejunum at the start of his small intestine). He can still eat if he feels like it but due to the severe bouts of sickness caused by his gastroparesis he often doesn’t. He did however, try this when I had made it and said it was in his top three favourite meals… High praise indeed. Hope you enjoy it too!


Slow Cooker Cajun Chicken Tagliatelle


  • Tagliatelle (I used around 8 balls)
  • Chicken breasts (approx 4-500g)
  • Cajun Seasoning (1.5 tbsps)
  • One cup of chicken stock
  • Double cream (one carton)
  • Garlic powder (Half a teaspoon)
  • Large handful of grated cheese (aswell as some to top if wanted)

How To Make it

  1. Put the chicken breasts, cup of chicken stock, Cajun seasoning and garlic powder into the slow cooker. Stir. Heat on low for six hours without removing the lid
  2. After six hours, cook the tagliatelle on the hob as per packet instructions
  3. Shred the chicken in the slow cooker then add the cream and grated cheese. Stir and heat for ten more minutes
  4. Add the pasta into the slow cooker and stir together. Allow five more minutes in the slow cooker before serving with grated cheese on top if desired

This really was so delicious and super simple to make. The house also smelled amazing when we got home and it had been sat cooking for a few hours. Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

4 Comments on “Recipe – Slow Cooker Cajun Chicken Tagliatelle

  1. Sounds lovely. I have got to be very careful what I eat cos just have a small amount of my small bowel left. But sometimes I just sod it and eat what I want then suffer for the following week, stupid me. Cathy cooney


  2. I love curries, and don’t avoid them, I make my own curry, but suffer the next day, but it’s worth it lol xxxx


    • This should be ok for you to try, the chicken shreds down and is lovely and soft and pasta is normally ok. Have you tried a food diary? I found that it worked really well for me when I wanted to start eating more again and move off completely low Res x


    • And my boyfriend makes an amazing curry, it’s one thing I tried once and it didn’t go very well so haven’t tried again! And sometimes it’s just worth it! A kebab is like that for me! And KFC/McDonalds xx


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