Autumn Clothing Haul

Thought I would share some of my recent clothing purchases with you as I get ready for the Autumn and the drop in temperature! After first getting my ostomy, I opted for ‘safe’ outfits but over the last few months and as my confidence has grown, I’ve started to enjoy what I wear again and have tried out many different looks. Hope you enjoy having a peek at what I have purchased and it inspires you (ostomy or not) into dressing the way you want to, not just for comfort for example. I’m also on a pretty tight budget so all these purchases are from affordable, high street stores.

First up is this black jumper from Pep & Co with silver zip detail to both shoulders. I love that this looks a little smarter but is still casual, and it’s super soft. It’s also a nice length and over high waisted jeggings/jeans it covers a bulging bag comfortably.

Next up was a super bargain at just £1! I’ve been looking for a plain white t-shirt for ages and just haven’t found a style I liked. Popped into Primark and this little beauty was in the sale section which made me very happy!


I needed some new basic, cotton underwear and nowhere does it better than Primark! Really liked these colours/patterns and they are really comfy. Unless I’m going out (and I pull out my Jasmine Stacey Collection underwear) I generally wear normal knickers, underneath my bag. There is always a fab range at great prices in Primark (these worked out at £1 per pair), and the styles are changed up pretty regularly too.


I really loved this top from Pep & Co. It’s grey, thin jumper style material with a black leather look collar on it. The collar just makes it a little different and it’s nice while it’s getting cooler but isn’t freezing yet! I could easily pop a vest top underneath too for added warmth.


Love this pink, chunky knit jumper from Primark. It’s super cosy, a lovely colour and perfect for this season!

PJs now! Anyone who knows me knows I love flamingos and I couldn’t resist this short set from Pep & Co. The fact is was in the sale section was just an added bonus! Next up are the unicorn leggings, these are really comfy and who can resist a unicorn?! And then finally, I picked up a Harry Potter set. Not only are these super soft but they are just so cool! Gorgeous checked bottoms with a grey top featuring the Harry Potter crest/logo. Both the unicorn leggings and the HP PJs were from Primark.

Next up I have this blue pair of jeggings from Primark. Jeggings are definitely the most comfy thing I’ve found to wear high waisted, over my bag. I also get a size 10 so they are a size bigger than I would have bought before but it gives me that bit of extra room and is more comfortable around my bag. I have a lighter and a darker blue pair but loved this brighter blue and have worn them quite a bit since I got them!


I bought this long sleeved, high necked black top as I thought it would be perfect to go under my dungaree dresses and to wear tucked in to my burgundy, corduroy mini skirt I just bought. It’s super soft and comfortable and I found it in Primark!


I got these super soft and stretchy skinny jeans in Asda. I loved the colour and I like the distressed effect. Purchased a size ten again as they are high waisted enough to be able to wear over my bag so I like having that bit of extra room and I can’t wait to wear them!


Last but not least comes the accessories! I picked up the gloves from Primark and they are pretty basic, in grey with a little detail on them so they aren’t completely plain. The scarf I actually found in the men’s section in Primark but I love this green colour and think it will look great with the right outfits!

Well that’s all I had in this one but I post an #ootd (#outfitoftheday) over on my Instagram account most days which you can check out at

I love searching Pinterest for outfit ideas, what do you like to look at for inspiration? What’s been your favourite purchase/outfit in Autumn so far? Let me know in the comments below!


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