BlogMas Day Six – December Goals

I have come across some great bloggers through Twitter (you can visit me there by clicking here and one of them is Burnished Chaos (visit her blog by clicking on the name).


Every month she does a brilliant post listing her goals for the coming month, as well as revisiting last month’s goals and commenting on how well she got on with them (see her December post here).  I have really enjoyed reading these posts and I think it is a great way to do it so am giving it a try this month and will let you know next month how I have done!  No pressure!

I am going to split my goals into five categories – family, home, blog, uni and me.  I am super excited to be giving myself something to aim for during the month, and feeling that as I have to report back to you all next month that it will help push me to complete them.  Making goals, and more importantly, writing them down, always make them seem easier to accomplish.  You have something to focus on and when I tick something off a list I feel extremely satisfied.  On the same score I don’t want to give myself too much to do and feel overwhelmed, so although I may do lots more this month, I will be very happy to get these things done.



  • Complete Christmas shopping
  • Take the boys to Asda to purchase a gift for a child in need
  • Enjoy a fantastic Christmas


  • Complete front room move around
  • Sort wardrobes and get new bedroom furniture in place


  • Schedule posts to go up over the Christmas/New Year week
  • Complete BlogMas
  • Complete two posts for Stephie (Colitis To Ostomy)


  • Complete all reading and activities for chapters 3 and 4


  • Pilates at least three times a week
  • Increase hydration – aim for 3 litres a day
  • Remind myself it is ok to say no sometimes

So there we go, my first set of monthly goals.  As I said, I will report back at the beginning of January and hope I have succeeded in completing them.  Do you plan goals for each month?  Please let me know how you do it in the comments below, and please feel free to try this method and let me know how you get on.


Lucy At Home

6 Comments on “BlogMas Day Six – December Goals

  1. I think it’s a great idea to split the goals into categories and to use the blog as a way of ‘reporting back’ to keep you accountable and motivated. I wish you all the best for a fab December and ticking off the things you want to do! 🙂
    Caz x


  2. Aww, thanks for the mention, glad I inspired you. It certainly helps me get more done each month. This is a really great list of goals, I love that you’re taking your children to buy a present each for a child in need, what a beautiful idea. Good luck with all your goals x


    • Thankyou so much, have read your one two or three times now and thought it was such a good idea! It’s something I try and do every year, last year we did the shoeboxes but it helps them remember the spirit of Christmas and those not as lucky as them xx


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