2018 January Goals

So it is 2018!  How exciting, the time for a fresh start, some new goals and room for motivation.  I’ve never been one to set resolutions as think they always fail, but this year I am looking at it all afresh.  I’m excited to set myself some targets in all areas of my life and really want to try hard to achieve all I can this year.  But first – how did I get on with my December goals?


  • Complete Christmas shopping Done, done and done!  I was really pleased with how organised I was this year and it was a good job as Ste ended up in hospital for a month.  This year I intend to go one better and start saving earlier
  • Take the boys to Asda to purchase a gift for a child in need  Unfortunately the trolley set up was gone by the time we went in on Friday but the boys have had a good sort out and we have donated clothes and toys they had outgrown and no longer played with to charity so feel we still did some good
  • Enjoy a fantastic Christmas We had a wonderful Christmas and I even cried in the evening as I didn’t want it to end


  • Complete front room move around We did complete this and now have an area Ste can create a sterile space in to set up his TPN, as well as storage for it
  • Sort wardrobes and get new bedroom furniture in place They were a pain to build but they are up and we have sorted all our things into them


  • Schedule posts to go up over the Christmas/New Year week I didn’t get to schedule too much but I enjoyed a break anyway and hope my readers did too so weren’t online so much
  • Complete BlogMas I missed two or three days when I was poorly and a day or two once I had the boys as we were busy enjoying our time together but overall I am pretty pleased with how it went.  I think I will see how my new schedule goes and may do it again next year!
  • Complete two posts for Stephie (Colitis To Ostomy) I have failed at this one.  One is almost done and the other is just a set of notes but I will get them over to her ASAP


  • Complete all reading and activities for chapters 3 and 4 Almost completed this and still have a couple of days but I am pleased with the work I have done so far.  I have a quiet couple of weeks ahead so plan to get plenty of studying done and my next assignment written


  • Pilates at least three times a week Fail.  Enough said
  • Increase hydration – aim for 3 litres a day I have definitely increased my hydration and feel better for it.  I was really pleased with how I handled my D & V bug and keeping myself out of hospital too
  • Remind myself it is ok to say no sometimes I am definitely getting there.  I didn’t want to pass on any germs to Layla but saying I couldn’t go visit her with Ste when I was poorly was hard. I desperately needed to rest and I think I got over it much quicker because I gave myself that time

Overall I would say I haven’t done too badly.  We have been really busy with Christmas, the house and enjoying family time so some of the studying, blog and writing work did get left a bit but I am planning a quiet couple of months to save some pennies and can use that time to catch up with this.

So what for January I hear you say!  My goals for this month are


  • Spending more quality time with the kids, enjoying their Christmas gifts.  We decided to steer away from electronics this year and got lots of craft and building sets as well as board games so we will enjoy doing those
  • Sign up to the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives.  This will give us an idea of great woods in our area where we can take the kids exploring and the dog can come along too
  • Find two places for days out in the half term holidays with the boys and save up to take them


  • Make a start on decorating the boys room.  I am super excited for this project and will be sharing all I do with you


  • Get to grips with my new schedule and hopefully keep ahead of everything.  I will be posting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will share a video on my YouTube channel on a Sunday
  • Start reaching out to companies and see about guest writing for them and other bloggers


  • Complete units 3 and 4
  • Write assignment number two.  I will be really happy with a score of 75 or over


  • Continue with the self care things I have in place
  • Refer myself back to my CBT therapist
  • Work through the Courage Queen course
  • Start going to the gym at least twice a week

This way of goal setting is really inspiring me to move forward positively.  I am pleased with how the first month has gone and am looking forward to January being a fresh start for me in many ways.  How did you get on with your December goals and what is on your January list?  Let me know in the comments below and I will see you in February for the de-brief!

2 Comments on “2018 January Goals

  1. Love this idea of goal setting monthly. It helps to reflect and look back on what you can change. Great work.


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