Reading Challenge 2018

So you all know I am a keen reader and I like to share the books I have enjoyed with you all.  This year I have decided to set myself some reading goals.  What started with a number, became a lot more interesting when I decided to pick some ‘rules’ for books I choose to read this year.


So to start, my number is 50.  That’s roughly a book a week which I think is achievable without going too far for me.  My reading has seriously lapsed the last few years.  It is something I love and have ‘rediscovered’ in the last few months so I want to continue that in 2018.

Next up I decided on twelve conditions for a book I read, one for every month of the year.  These are

  • A self-help book
  • A classic
  • An autobigraphy
  • A non-fiction book
  • A book written for children
  • A Christmas themed book
  • A book by a new author
  • A book by an author I like
  • A book by someone called Natalie
  • A book based in WW1 or WW2
  • A trilogy
  • A book recommended to me

I will be picking which one I do every month in no particular order but have decided to start with a self-help book for January.  Obviously I will need some help with the recommendations so please let me know your in the comments below!


If you would like to join me with this I would love to have you on board!  Please let me know your email by filling in the contact form below and I will be sending out emails updating you with good books I have come across and reviews, as well as the coming month’s ‘challenge’.  No spam though I promise!  Just a ‘The Spoonie Mummy Book Club’ I suppose!

I look forward to my reading journey this year and am excited as have some amazing books to read.  You all know my local Waterstones in Derby is one of my favourite places and where I spend far too many pennies!  I hope you will join me too, and look forward to hearing from you if you want to join the book club and also your recommendations.  Happy reading all!

Please note:  My posts may contain affiliate links.  Clicking these does not affect you or your purchases in any way but I may make a few pennies from it.  Thankyou

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