The Boys Get A Surprise!

As a parent, and a chronically ill one at that, I definitely feel the purse strings are a lot tighter and I have to look out for great deals.  I am already thinking ahead to birthdays and even Christmas to help spread the cost throughout the year rather than panicking about what I can afford at the end of the year.  I admit, I am not the best at saving money, so prefer to buy things and put them away so it’s done, rather than keep the cash in my savings account. In these days of online banking it is far too easy to dip into them with a few simple clicks.

I was super pleased to hear that Debenhams were having a toy sale and checked it out as soon as I received the email.  They currently have savings across a host of Barbie and Cars 3 toys.  Barbie has been a favourite for generations, I remember having them growing up and my boys love the Disney Cars films and Riley will happily play with his Lightening McQueen and friends toys for hours.  I am sure many of you in the same position as me always like to hear about a possible bargain so here is your official notice courtesy of The Spoonie Mummy!

Here are the links to the toys pages:

•         For Barbie Toys  

•         For Disney Cars Toys  

We were then really surprised (and very grateful) to receive a fab present from Debenhams -the Disney Cars 3 Florida Speedway Track Set to try out.  The boys absolutely loved it and we spent most of Saturday afternoon setting it up and then racing their cars around the track.  They enjoyed being able to alter the speeds of the cars, and change the track settings so the cars went different ways.  They held their own mini championships and everything.  They gave it a huge thumbs up, thanks Debenhams!

To check it out on the website click here 

Coming soon – check out the fun we had with the track on our YouTube channel!

I have popped a few of the other toys that I think look great and are in the sale below – feel free to check them out and all the others in the toy sale before it finishes! What I want to know is are #teamBarbie or #teamCars3 – answer in the comments below!



This post is in collaboration with Debenhams as past of their Half Term Toys campaign but all views and opinions are my own

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