What We Keep In The ‘Baby’ Bag For A Two Year Old

Happy Friday everyone!  I am definitely feeling that Friday feeling and am off to pick up the boys from school for the weekend today.  I hope you all have exciting weekends plans?

Today I thought I would share a post on what we keep in the ‘baby’ bag for Layla, my two year old step-daughter.  I thought I would share some of the products we use and would recommend for this age for those of you who are at, or coming up to this stage.  Layla has just turned two and some of these have been staples since she was younger, some things are new.  I hope you enjoy reading and get some useful information from it.



We get Layla’s nappies from Aldi and they are fantastic.  It is no surprise they have won numerous awards as they really are great.  Layla likes to drink but these cope well with that and rarely leak.  They are a really great price too and fantastic value for money.  If you haven’t tried them I would definitely recommend you giving them a go.  Unfortunately I did not use them for the boys as we didn’t have an Aldi near where we lived when they were little but I would most certainly use them if we ever have more children.

Baby Wipes

We also generally buy the Aldi wipes although have picked up other brands from other places before.  They are well priced but even better value when you can pick up the big boxes, usually when they are hosting their baby events which happen regularly.

Barrier Spray

This is a tip for all of you ostomates out there with children!  Me and Ste both use the Convatec Silesse barrier spray which is not just great for under our bags but also brilliant on nappy rash.  As Layla has been teething a lot lately, her bottom has often become sore.  A couple of sprays of this every nappy change clears up the soreness and keeps her skin protected.  If you aren’t an ostomate the other nappy rash cream I would recommend is metanium.  If the boys ever got sore this would work really quickly and help heal the skin in very little time.  You also only need the tiniest amount to create a really thin layer over the area, so although it isn’t cheap, it lasts ages.


Layla loves to walk everywhere and we use reins as a bit of added security.  We always encourage her to walk holding our hand but we wrap the reins around our wrist in case she trips and just in case she decides to try and make a break for it!  I love how encouraging Ste is of her becoming independent and trying things, I think I was a much more nervous parent.  Since she first started walking he has always given her the opportunity to go out and about with us without her pushchair.  I think it has opened my eyes and is a great way of encouraging them to become more confident and learn things.

Outfit Change

Generally Layla needs changing only when she has got wet.  She drinks an awful lot which is great, but can sometimes mean her nappy suddenly completely fills and leaks.  This doesn’t happen too often as we keep on top of it with frequent changes, but it is always best to keep a spare outfit in there just in case.


We will often pop a snack or two in the bag for her.  Most commonly this will be a box of raisins, a Barny bear, a packet of the yoghurt covered fruit drops, a fruit bake bar, some baby biscuits or a fruit/yoghurt pouch.



We always take her cup of juice and normally another cup of juice we can use to top it up if need be.  Layla drinks a lot and she likes to have squash.  At home she also drinks decaf tea, milkshake and sometimes a hot chocolate before bed!

Teething Powders

There are a few of these on the market but the best I found by far for the boys were the Ashtons & Parsons powders.  They are a herbal remedy and help calm a fretful, teething baby.  As Layla has been teething recently and had a lot of the bigger, back teeth coming through, they are always good to have on hand just in case.


Normally we have a book or two and a couple of small toys for her in the bag, depending on where we are going.

Seasonal Stuff

Currently it is her hat and gloves, but as we move into Summer the trusty sun cream will make its return to the bag!  I generally stick to Nivea for the kids.  Leo reacted to alot of suncreams when he was younger and Riley had excema so I wanted something I knew was trustworthy and gentle on his skin.  I prefer the cream to the spray as I think they are more protected but the roll ons are also good for topping up while out and about.

Potty Training

Layla has begun to use the potty while we are at home and is doing well.  We haven’t fully transitioned to knicker wearing yet but I don’t think it will be long before we are packing the bag full of spare knickers and clothes for her when we go anywhere!  I also used to keep a sheet of stickers in the baby bag when we went out so the boys would get one if they went to toilet while we were out and about and away from their reward chart at home.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what we take out and about with us when we have Layla.  What are your baby bag essentials?  Let me know in the comments below!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

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