Alternative Easter Gifts

It’s Wednesday, we are officially half way through the week.  I am feeling absolutely rubbish and am off to the doctor’s as have woken up with an extremely sore and swollen throat.  The joys of being immuno-suppressed!  Today I wanted to share with you some fantastic ideas for alternative Easter gift ideas.  I am by no means anti-chocolate and the kids will be getting some, but I also like to get them some other bits and pieces to go with it.  We are still making our way through the Christmas goodies after all!



I was lucky enough to receive some fab goodies from Hallmark and wanted to share them as they are perfect for this Easter time.  Their selection of Easter cards is fantastic as ever, and my niece is going to love the Disney princesses one.  I always like to use Easter (like Christmas) as a time to check in with friends and family I don’t normally see as often, so will send a little card with a note in.


The boy’s tried to take these but I have clung on and they are staying as my desk buddies (for now at least).  The Itty Bitty’s are fab and come in all different ranges.  The boys already have some of the Star Wars and Disney ones, especially Leo who is an avid little plush toy collector.  They are a great idea if you have a little fan of one of the sets and you can start their collection off alongside their Easter eggs.  I love the fact that they aren’t too expensive and kids can easily save up their pocket money to add to their collection too.  It helps teach them about saving money for what they want but is not so expensive that they get bored.


Playmobil Eggs

Me and Ste spotted these while shopping in Asda the other week and thought they were a great idea!  Still egg themed and with a range of different sets inside.  I love Playmobil toys and remember having hours of fun as a child with my sets.

Craft Activities

Lots of shops have a good range of affordable, Easter themed craft sets available.  We picked up these polystyrene eggs to decorate and some DIY Easter cards which Leo really enjoyed making.  Riley mostly enjoyed writing inside them – his new found love for bubble writing (remember that craze at his age) makes him so much more willing when it comes to card writing!  I have seen a great tutorial to marble eggs using shaving foam and food colouring so going to try that with the boys next time they are here.

I have also seen great sets in The Works, Home Bargains and Poundland and they are all so reasonably priced so a great way to keep little ones amused during the school holidays.

Baking Goodies*

We were really lucky to be sent this huge haul of baking stuff from Dr Oetker and have already started using it – check out our video of us making Chocolate Easter nests.

We love to cook and bake both for and with the kids.  Leo is especially keen and often helps out with making dinner and pudding when he can.  He was in awe of this mega parcel and can’t wait to get working on some more recipes in the Easter holidays.

I really love the loaf cake in a box idea.  Just like the cupcakes you can make from a box, these create a whole loaf cake and the boys are excited to get free rein on decorating one next time they are here!  You only need to add milk so super simple if you need a quick treat for visitors over the Easter period and available in three flavours – Banana & Chocolate, Double Chocolate and Lemon & Poppy Seed.


Baking is a great way to keep them busy during the school break – even something simple like letting them loose with some icing pens and plain digestive or rich tea biscuits keeps them occupied for ages!  Easter shaped biscuits, homemade hot cross buns and a roast lamb dinner are all on our Easter menu!


What2Buy4Kids is a fab website with a great selection of different, fun toys for kids.  I’ve picked a few of my favourites to give you an idea of what is available but pop on over to their website as they have some great stuff which would make perfect little gifts.


This colourful farm mobile is perfect for little ones who are too young to have chocolate yet.  The bright colours will really draw their attention and be a great feature above any cot.  £12.99

easter 2

These cute Easter finger puppets are now on sale – only £1,99 instead of £4.99 – what a bargain!

easter 3

I think gardening sets make fab Easter gifts and there is a wide range of them over on the website.  Sunflowers are always fun and we like to have growing races to see who can grow the tallest!

Check out the What2Buy4Kids Easter gift ideas here and don’t forget to use my discount code – SPOONMU218 – to get an extra 10% off!  Happy shopping!

Dressing Up

I bought this cute little dress up outfit for Layla from Home Bargains and it was just £4.99.  Perfect for Easter weekend and she will be able to dress up again whenever she likes.


The obligatory Easter bonnet making should be commencing too – enjoy!  Here are a few of our past creations.  Missing the Yellow Angry Birds one we made a couple years ago which was epic but Pinterest has some great ideas for every level of skill.


I came across this page on Facebook a couple of years ago but she is now on Pinterest too and still making the cutest little designs!  These bunnies can be made to order so all you have to do is pop over a message and they can be designed to your specifications.  Check them out on Instagram over at Loopie & Bean

You can also purchase the pattern to make yourself on their Etsy shop

Easter Printable

I have teamed up with to give you access to this great little Easter printable.  Spring is in the air with this cute crossword! Be sure to check out for more fun learning resources.  Both my boys love puzzle and colouring pages and the ones on this website are educational and fun.

I hope you like all these ideas and are looking forward to a fab Easter.  With regards to chocolate we have an Easter egg pinata for the boys to do this year and we are doing a little Peppa Pig Easter Egg hunt for Layla.  Both of these are from Asda and we are super excited!  What do you have planned?  Let me know in the comments below and I hope you have a fantastic Easter weekend.

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

*All products marked with a star have been gifted to me in return for including them in this post.  This however, does not influence my opinion and I only share things I believe my readers will like!

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