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Absolutely loved the fiction book that Shari Low released earlier this year, With Or Without You which will be reviewed in my September Book Reviews post at the end of the month (even though I read it a little while ago I haven’t done a round up post for a few months now!).  This book was sent out to me and appeared to be a perfect fit – a frazzled Mum writing with honesty and love about her kids and daily life!

Because Mummy Said So – Shari Low


The Blurb

The era of the yummy mummy has finally gone.

To celebrate this, Shari Low has taken a baby wipe to the glossy veneer of the school of perfect parenting and written Because I Said So to show us the truth about motherhood in all of its sleep-deprived, frazzled glory.

This is a book that every experienced, new or soon-to-be parent will relate to – well, hallelujah and praise be those who worship at the temple of Febreze. For over a decade, Shari wrote a hugely popular weekly newspaper column documenting the ups, downs and bio-hazardous laundry baskets of family life.

Because Mummy Said So is a collection of her favourite stories of parenting, featuring superheroes in pull up pants, embarrassing mistakes, disastrous summer holidays, childhood milestones, tear-jerking nativity plays, eight bouts of chickenpox and many, many discussions that were finished with the ultimate parental sticky situation get-out clause…

What I Thought

The perfect read that many Mums will identify with!  Shari takes us on her journey through motherhood with all the ups and downs included – the love, the pride, the fear, the tantrums and the toe curling embarrassments.

I laughed out loud at some points, wanted to hug her, despair into a glass of wine with her and give her a giant pat on the back.  Shari covers it all and I think it is a great book which chronicles so many different aspects of being a mother.  Loved it!

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The Author – Shari Low

Shari Low has published eighteen books under her own name and pseudonyms Millie Conway and Ronni Cooper. She is also one half of the writing duo, Shari King. She lives near Glasgow with her husband, two teenagers and a labradoodle.


Follow Shari Low

Twitter: @sharilow

Facebook: @sharilowbooks


The Publisher – Aria

Twitter: @aria_fiction
Facebook: @ariafiction
Instagram: @ariafiction


NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

Thankyou to Aria for my copy of this book in return for a review.  All opinions contained within are my own.  Check out other reviews on the blog’s listed below

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    • You should! Much more realistic and means you don’t have some hard to attain, perfect notion of parenting! Best of luck and enjoy every minute x


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