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Another month, another Shari Low book.  I can’t seem to get enough of this author!

Another Day in Winter by Shari Low


The Blurb

Forever friends Shauna and Lulu touch down at Glasgow Airport on a quest to find answers from the past.

George knows his time is nearing the end, but is it too late to come to terms with his two greatest regrets?

His Grandson Tom uncovers a betrayal that rocks his world as he finally tracks down the one that got away.

And single mum Chrissie is ready to force her love-life out of hibernation, but can anyone compare to the man who broke her heart?

After the success of the No1 best seller ONE DAY IN DECEMBER, comes the second unmissable read in Shari Low’s Winter Day trilogy.

What I Thought

Another corker from a lady who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors.  As I have  said before, chick-lit is not my favourite genre but I do like to read the odd one now and again to break up the heavy thrillers I enjoy.  However, I really do like this style from Shari Low.  Hers seem more realistic and although the ending is generally still a happy one, I don’t read with a sense of knowing that ‘of course everything will magically fall into place’.

The book covers one day approaching Christmas.  Each two hour slot gives a chapter from the perspective of one of the four main characters, These characters, as well as the others involved were all really likeable and well written about.  I did not realise that Shari had previously written a similar styled book before this, but it is very much a standalone with just a hint of the possible story-line being bought up in this one.

An absolute delight to read and highly recommended to anyone who enjoys these kinds of book.

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The Author – Shari Low


Shari has written seventeen novels under her own name and pseudonyms Ronni Cooper,

Millie Conway and Shari King, of which many have been published globally. She writes a

weekly opinion column and Book Club page for the Daily Record. Shari lives with her

husband and 2 teenage boys in Glasgow.

Follow Shari

Twitter handle: @sharilow

Facebook: @sharilowbooks


The Publisher – Aria


Twitter: @aria_fiction

Facebook: @ariafiction

Instagram: @ariafiction

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

Thankyou to Aria for my copy of this book in return for a review.  All opinions contained within are my own

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