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#Blogtober Day Twenty Four

So I recently came across a great post on Pinterest by

It was called The Giant List of 80’s Movies To Watch With Your Kids and you can see it here.  It got me thinking about the movies from my childhood which I subsequently watched with my kids or still want to watch with them.  We love a movie night – snuggling on the sofa with some snacks and popcorn and watching a movie is one of our favourite things to do, especially as the weather turns colder.

This is my list of the movies I think everyone should watch with their kids.  How many have you seen?  Are there any you would add to the list?  Be sure to let me know in the comments at the end of the post!

Toy Story


I think this has to be one of the best Disney films ever.  My list could have been full of them but I didn’t want to bore you all!  Other Disney movies which we love are Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, The Aristocats, Aladdin, Cars… the list goes on!

The Indian In The Cupboard


I recently rediscovered this one when it was on Film4.  From memory I thought it was a series me and my brother used to watch but it was a film.  It was great to re-watch it again and I can’t wait to sit down with the boys and let them see it!



I think the amount of times me and my brother watched this as kids went into triple figures!  I even had a doll at the time and I drew on her arm to make the mark like on the baby in the film!

The Goonies


Another one that me and Adam must be in the triple figures for watching.  The ultimate kids adventure film which my boys also enjoy now – it will never go out of fashion!  Hey you guys!

Mrs Doubtfire


Robin Williams was a comedy and acting genius in my opinion.  I could have picked the majority of his films for this list but Mrs Doubtfire was definitely one of my favourites and I sat down not too long ago with the boys to watch it again.



I have always enjoyed the Peter Pan story.  I watched the Disney version of this as a child alot too, but Hook was brilliant and probably watched slightly more.  Robin Williams once again was brilliant!

Robin Hood


Another Disney film that makes the list is Robin Hood.  I have always enjoyed the story of Robin Hood – living in Derby next door to Nottingham helps I think!

The Sword In The Stone


I loved going to Disneyland as I got my chance to try and pull the sword from the stone – unfortunately it didn’t work.  Still love this film though and will be one I watch with the boys as I don’t think they have seen it yet!

Pete’s Dragon


The original!  The new one is good but just doesn’t compare to this one and the songs!

Home Alone


The only Christmas movie to be added to the list (reasons are explained later) but I will watch this film over and over all year round.  I also like the second one, not quite as much but it is still very good.  One of the boy’s favourites as well!



Possibly my favourite Roald Dahl book and they did a fab job with the film!  Often films are never as good as the books but there are a couple of exceptions in my opinion and this is one.

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory


Again, the original.  I know Roald Dahl hated it (Willy Wonka was too nice and there were quite a few changes from the book) but I think it is just magical.  I don’t like the fact the Oompa Lumpas were all computer generated in the new one, in this one they each still have their own identities.

Night At The Museum


One of the newest films in my list.  I think these films are fantastic and as a bit of a history fan I love all the references to that!

Mary Poppins


The songs!  Tidying up the nursery!  Flying a kite, riding a merry go round horse and having a tea party on the ceiling.  Just love it!  I am looking forward to the new one coming out.  I know it won’t compare but hopefully it will still be good.

The Sound of Music


The goodnight song was one of my favourites for years.  Love this story and since growing older and learning more about the things going on at the time (including reading the actual story written by Maria) it is even more wonderful.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks


Who else still has to check the bedknobs on these types of bed after watching this film as a child?  The boys love the under the sea football match!



Another favourite of me and my bothers and one we still will happily sit and watch as adults.  Robin Williams is brilliant again.

The Wizard Of Oz


Leo loves this one as I do – we watched this together a few times as he was in his school play of it.  Riley also really enjoys it.  They both enjoy a musical like me.

Harry Potter


I mentioned about books always being better than the films and Matilda being one that was just as good – these are the others.  I wouldn’t say the films are better but they really did a fantastic job in bringing the whole wizarding world to life.  I think the sets were fantastic and the casting was just perfect.  And yes, not just one but all of them!  Me and the boys will watch these again and again and again.



Still gets me teary!  Fab, classic family film.

My Girl


I was shocked a couple of weeks ago when Ste told me he hadn’t seen this one!  I loved it!  Still has me scared of bees though!

The Little Rascals


This film is just fantastic but so hard to get a hold of a ciopy!  I can’t wait to show this one to the boys as they wioll love it!  Dear Darla…

Free Willy


Made my love of whales even more passionate – I watched this one over and over and watched it not too long ago with the boys, and then again on my own one Sunday afternoon!

Cool Runnings


I can still watch this film and it has me laughing!  Wanna kiss my lucky egg?  Fantastic story.

Uncle Buck


John Candy was another fabulous actor and was also in this one.  I loved it and always wanted Uncle Buck to come and stay and make me pancakes!!!


So there is my list!  Pretty sure I have forgotten about some classics, but I would be here all night if I carried on!  So now I want to know how many you have seen of these and what you  would add to the list?

The reason I haven’t included Christmas and Halloween films in this post is because I am planning to give them a post of their own so keep an eye out for those!

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

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