10 Halloween Paper Plate Craft Activities For Kids

So half term is upon us!  My boys were off last week but I think the majority of children have this week off.  I thought I would share some cheap and easy activities for you to do.  These are all activities you can do with a paper plate – I picked u[p a pack of 30 for just £1 so it really is something you can do even when you have little money.

1 – Spiderweb Threading

The boys loved getting a go with the hole punch for this one!  Punch holes around the outside of the plate and then cut out the middle.  Take some wool and thread it to make the spider web pattern in the middle of the plate.  I picked this awesome black/purple wool from Poundstretcher and you can also get wool in Poundland.

2 – Witches Hat

Kids can let loose and decorate their hats any way they would like – paint, glue, colours – let their creativity roam free!

witch hat

Photo by Cutesy Crafts

3 – Spider

I picked up these awesome googly eyes from Wilkos and they are perfect for Halloween crafts!  Add some pipe cleaner legs and you are all set!

4 – Night Scene

This is one for older kids.  They look fantastic displayed on a window for the light to shine through.  Cut out the skyline, add in some tissue paper and then a few shiny stars.  Ta da!


5 – Design A Pumpkin

The paper plate is a perfect shape for practising your pumpkin design on!  Leo did a fantastic drawing of a Fortnite character on his – probably a little bit to detailed for me to cut but he did an amazing job so it is now displayed on the kitchen door!


Picture by Clare’s Little Tots

6 – Halloween Mask

Another simple idea as kids can use whatever they have at home to create a super scary mask ready for Halloween.  Colour, paint or glue, the choices are up to you!


Photo by Housing A Forest

7 – Halloween Wreath

A great activity to do after an Autumn walk – collect leaves on the way and then make a pretty Autumnal wreath.


8 – Toilet Roll Bat with Paper Plate Wings

Another great thing for crafting with kids – the toilet roll tube.  Paint it black and cut out two wings from your paper plate.


Photo by Crafty Morning

9 – Paper Plate Ghosts

These are great to hang outside and see blowing in the wind!


Picture by Odd Socks and Lollipops

10 – Paper Plate Skulls

Another really simple make for those that aren’t crafty by nature!  Children can have some good practise with their cutting skills on this one too


Photo by Glued To My Craft

Hope these ideas will give you some inspiration and help you keep the little ones busy for a few hours!  Let me know what other kid craft ideas you would like to see in the comments below and I will do some more of these type posts in the future

NatalieThe Spoonie Mummy

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