Blog Tour Book Review – The Burning House

The Burning House


The Blurb

It was a victimless crime…

Estate Agent Clara is struggling to make a sale. With her abusive ex-husband on the brink of finding where she’s hiding, she needs to make a commission soon or lose her chance to escape.

Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness has remained unsold for years, and Clara is sure that an ‘innocent’ fire will force the price down. But the perfect crime soon turns into the perfect nightmare: there was a witness, a stranger in the village, and he’s not going to let Clara get away with it that easily…

From the bestselling author of The Ghost Hunters, The Watchers and The Lost Village, comes a tense and claustrophobic psychological thriller

What I Thought

I am a huge fan of thrillers but did not expect the supernatural element of this from reading the blurb.  However, I found this really enjoyable and it made the story a little different to those I normally read!

The setting for the book was perfect and when I found out it was based on true events, it certainly made it that bit more spine tingling.  It was a definite page turner and one I couldn’t wait to pick up to see what happened.  The pace was good from the start and even with the spooky goings on, the tension came also from ‘real life’ as Clara continued to hide out from an abusive husband.

I do not want to say too much and spoil anything for future readers but I would recommend to any thriller fans looking for something a little different from the norm.

Where To Buy

Amazon in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook

Thankyou to Quercus Books and Neil Spring for including me on this book blast tour.  I received the book in return for my honest review.


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