Autumn Crafting With Rope Source

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So any one who has followed me for a while will know I enjoy all things crafty – whether it is doing something with the kids or doing something by myself. I am an avid cross stitcher and often use sewing to relax me. It also helps when I am in pain by having something else to focus on.

I was excited when Rope Source got in touch and asked if I would like to be sent some luxury twine for some crafting projects. I was able to choose from a selection of single twines or selection boxes. I opted for the Rustic Selection Box as I thought the colours would be perfect for some Autumn crafting.


For ages I have been wanting to get a wreath, but have been unable to find one I really liked that I would also be able to customise through the seasons. I thought this would be perfect for helping me create my own and after picking up a few other bits I was ready to go.

These polystyrene rings are available in a range of sizes and I picked my up from Hobbycraft. I started by using the twine to wrap the ring to create a perfect Autumn coloured, natural looking base. I absolutely loved the colours available and I created a little pattern to make it look a bit different than being one solid block of colour.

I was really happy with the result and from there I added some Autumnal decorations including some leaves we had collected, as well as some bits I had picked up in Poundland and Hobbycraft.

I was so, so pleased with the final result and am already excited about adapting it when we decorate for Christmas. Although I used these colours as I felt they would be a natural looking base for all year round, I am a little bit tempted by the sparkle twines which might add a bit of festive glitter!

After we had visited Thoresby Park for their Halloween trail we came home with a range of bits we had collected in the forest including some leaves and conkers. Riley had also picked up a large stick which he really liked and said he wanted to use it to make something with.

I had planned to make a dream catcher with him, as recently he has had a couple of bad dreams so had been talking abut how they work and had hung one we had bought in his bedroom window. Because he really wanted to use the stick he had found, we decided instead to create a kind of Autumnal mobile featuring some of the things he had collected in the forest. He has been learning to tie his shoelaces and is getting really good now, so tying the knots in the twine was some extra practice for him. I told him to cut the twine to different lengths so everything hung nicely which he did, spacing the different items out along the length of the branch. We then tied some more twine to make something for it to hang by.

He was so pleased with what he created and I think it makes a really lovely decoration to go alongside my wreath. It was really nice to be able to do something with the things we had collected on our walk and meant we were able to talk about all the different things we had seen and done that day which was lovely.

Are you at all crafty? If so, what do you like to do? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks again to Rope Source for working with me on this post and providing the lovely set of twines.

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