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As today is World Book Day I thought I would share some of the books the kids have been enjoying recently. As you all know, I am a self-confessed bookworm and this has definitely rubbed off on the kids to my delight.

I am also happy to be doing a book giveaway both here on this blog post and also on my social media. Make sure you see what you have to do to enter at the bottom of this post – I have made it really easy, I promise!

I love the fact that many schools and nurseries have shunned the dressing up requirement for today. I know that it can be lovely and is something I have always enjoyed with the children, but it can put a lot of pressure on parents who are expected to find, buy and make costumes for their little ones. At the end of the day it is about celebrating books and reading and I would much rather every parent be buying their child a new book or two rather than spending the money on a costume!

With that in mind I thought I would share some of the kid’s favourite books at the moment. I have 11 and 8 year old boys and a 4 year old stepdaughter so have a varied age range for suggestions! I hope you find these recommendations helpful if you are looking for something new for your child to read.

Leo (aged 11) – The Creakers by Tom Fletcher

The Blurb

Lucy Dungston has woken up to find all the grown-ups in her town have disappeared.

Lucy’s friends are thrilled there are no more grown-ups. They’re running wild! They’re building roads of trampolines, and eating cereal for every meal.

But Lucy wants her mum back, and nothing is going to stop her.

Even if it means having to venture into the strange, upside-down world of the mysterious monsters under her bed…

And the upside-down world isn’t the most hygienic of places . . .

Tom Fletcher’s bestselling story is packed with amazing illustrations by the disgustingly talented Shane Devries. It’s the perfect spooky (and slightly gross) tale for Halloween!

What We Thought

Leo blasted through this book in one weekend and absolutely loved it! So much so, I found it on my bed the next morning and he said it was really good and he thought I might enjoy it. It is so lovely to get a recommendation from him and I cannot wait to read it too.

Riley aged 8 – The Planets

The Blurb

Absolutely beautiful BBC One Show

Really impressive Eamonn Holmes, ITV This Morning

A companion book to the critically acclaimed BBC series.

The bestselling authors of Wonders of the Universe are back with another blockbuster, a groundbreaking exploration of our Solar System as it has never been seen before.

Mercury, a lifeless victim of the Sun s expanding power. Venus, once thought to be lush and fertile, now known to be trapped within a toxic and boiling atmosphere. Mars, the red planet, doomed by the loss of its atmosphere. Jupiter, twice the size of all the other planets combined, but insubstantial. Saturn, a stunning celestial beauty, the jewel of our Solar System. Uranus, the sideways planet and the first ice giant. Neptune, dark, cold and whipped by supersonic winds. Pluto, the dwarf planet, a frozen rock.

Andrew Cohen and Professor Brian Cox take readers on a voyage of discovery, from the fiery heart of our Solar System, to its mysterious outer reaches. They touch on the latest discoveries that have expanded our knowledge of the planets, their moons and how they come to be, alongside recent stunning and mind-boggling NASA photography.

What We Thought

Riley absolutely loved the BBC series which this book accompanies and got this from us for his birthday. His idol is Professor Brian Cox and I am always finding this book in his bed where he falls asleep reading it. He loves anything to do with space and often tells me facts that I have never even heard of.

Little Lady (aged 4) – Ten Little…

Click the picture to get this World Book Day version of Ten Little Bookworms for just £!!

What We Thought

This is a series of books and we have a few of them. They were originally Riley’s and he still loves me to read them to him, but LL has also started to enjoy them too! They are great for encouraging them with counting and are fun to rad with great illustrations.

Leo (age 11) – His Dark Materials trilogy

The Blurb

Philip Pullman’s groundbreaking HIS DARK MATERIALS trilogy, now a thrilling and critically acclaimed BBC/HBO television series, available here in a paperback slipcase.

First published in 1995, and acclaimed as a modern masterpiece, the first book in the series, Northern Lights, won the UK’s top awards for children’s literature.

Today, the story of Lyra and her daemon is read and loved by adults and children alike.

This boxset contains all three original books in the series and has cover illustrations by esteemed artist, Chris Wormell, who also illustrated the Book of Dust series.

This slipcase contains single paperback editions of:

  • Northern Lights
  • The Golden Compass
  • The Amber Spyglass

What We Thought

Leo has now almost finished this trilogy and is on the last book. He has enjoyed each one and really enjoyed watching the BBC series on over Christmas which was based on the first book. He did say however, the book was way better than the series!

Riley (age 8) – Marvel Pocket Books

What We Thought

Riley got the Marvel Book advent calendar for Christmas and he loves the little stories that came with it. We like to get the kids alternative calendars and this year he had this one, LL had a Disney book one which she also loves and Leo had a stationery one.

LL (age 4) – There’s A Dragon In Your Book

The Blurb

OH LOOK, there’s an EGG in your book!

But this isn’t any old egg – there’s a dragon in it . . . And pretty soon she has set your book ON FIRE. OH NO!

Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott have created a fantastically interactive sequel to their bestselling There’s a Monster in Your Book. Children will love stroking, poking and flapping the book to make magic happen as they turn the pages. Can they help Little Dragon find a way to stop the fire and fly off on her own adventure?

What We Thought

This is a recent purchase and wow it is brilliant! I think Tom Fletcher’s ears should be burning as not only are there two of his books in this list but I am currently reading his and Gi’s book, Eve Of Man, which is also AMAZING! I really enjoyed reading this almost as much as LL loved listening to it. It is really interactive and she loved trying to blow out the fire and imagine what the dragon wanted to eat. Will be definitely picking up the others in this series.

Leo (age 11) – Head Kid by David Baddiel

The Blurb

From the million-copy bestselling author of THE PARENT AGENCY and BIRTHDAY BOY comes a wildly entertaining wish-fulfilment adventure that asks the question: what would happen if the strictest head teacher swapped bodies with the naughtiest kid in school?

Strictest head ÷ naughtiest boy = chaos.

Bracket Wood is about to be visited by the school inspectors. But there’s one big problem: Ryan Ward.

The maestro of practical jokes, Ryan has played so many tricks that in the end the Head Teacher just walks out. And then the new Head Teacher, Mr Carter, arrives. A man so strict even the teachers are scared of him. So imagine his surprise – and Ryan’s – when they swap bodies.

Now Ryan is Head Teacher – and his mortal enemy is one of his pupils. It’s every naughty kid’s dream!

But soon Bracket Wood School is in a total mess – and only its worst ever pupil can fix it…

What We Thought

Leo received the David Baddiel books from his birthday and absolutely loved them. I made him choose his favourite and he chose this one! He said they were all fab though and very funny – which I expected from a comedian author!

Riley (age 8) – Fun Science

The Blurb

Welcome, fellow humans (and others), to the world of FUN SCIENCE! I’m Charlie, also known across the internet as charlieissocoollike.

In my book, I’ll be taking you on an awesome journey through the cosmos, beginning with the Big Bang through to the Solar System and the origins of life on Earth, all the way down to the particles that make up everything around us (including you and me!).

Expect frequent digressions, tons of illustrations of not-so-sciencey things (NB a microwave flying through space), and pages packed with my all time favourite mind-bending science facts.

So, get ready for a faster-than-the-speed of-light (OK, not quite) tour of all of the best and most interesting things that science has to offer us… and most importantly: WELCOME TO THE UNIVERSE!

(Written by a Science Fan NOT a scientist!)

What We Thoiught

This book is written by a science fan like Riley so is aimed perfectly at science-mad kids. Riley does love a non-fiction book (if you couldn’t tell) and this is another one that often ends up in his bed!

A Place For Pluto by Stef Wade

The Blurb

Pluto got the shock of his life when he was kicked out of the famous nine. His planet status was stripped away, leaving him lost and confused. Poor Pluto! On his quest to find a place where he belongs, he talks to comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. He doesn’t fit in anywhere! But when Pluto is about to give up, he runs into a dwarf planet and finally finds his place in the solar system. This feel-good picture book combines a popular science topic with character education themes of self discovery, acceptance, and friendship. It has bonus material in the back matter to support the curriculum.

What We Thought

This book had to get a special mention! As Riley is space mad, we have had many discussions about the fact that Pluto is now not classed as a planet. Ste does not like the idea at all and says he doesn’t think that it should be declassified! So I picked this up as a little joke for him, knowing Riley would love it anyway! LL picked it up at the weekend and was really interested in the planets, asking which one our planet was and trying to find it on a picture of the solar system. It was great to see her so interested and she picked up the simple facts really quickly.

So now for the GIVEAWAY I promised! I have 2 copies of SpaceKid iLK to give away. This is an illustrated novel and my boys love their copy!

To enter all you have to do is type WIN and the book you like the look of from our list in the comments – that’s it!! Each person will be allocated a number and I will use a random number generator to choose a winner. The second book can be won over on my Instagram page so pop over there later today to get another chance to win. UK entries only please. The winner will be announced next week and entries close at 11.59pm on Thursday March 12th 2020.

Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoyed our recommendations. Happy World Book Day everyone,

The affiliate links contained in this post do not affect your purchase in any way but when used may earn the blog some pennies so thank you!

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