International Women’s Day – My Instagram Top 10

Happy international Women’s Day one and all! Today I wanted to share with you ten of the most inspiring women I know and I thought I would go to my favourite platform Instagram to find them!

Instagram may not be where I get the most traffic to my blog, but it is my favourite platform to be on, interact and I have met some fabulous people through it. I know some amazing, inspiring women but thought to help me narrow the list down a little, I would use Instagram and choose some of my favourite people that I follow daily on there to tell you about!

The Nurse Mum – @thenursemum

What a lady! The things this woman has done, not just for her son but the disabled community as a whole is fantastic. I cannot believe the hate she gets for just trying to make the system a bit fairer and what it should be for her boy. She has also introduced me to magnetic eyelashes for which I will be forever grateful – no more glue! Absolutely love following her and Jaxon’s journey and always silently cheering them on from behind my phone screen.

MotherKind Zoe – @motherkind_zoe

I have talked about and recommended Zoe’s podcast for a while – it is one I listen to every week and get so much from, it is like a weekly dose of therapy! The MotherKind podcast focuses on motherhood and mental health and she has such a wide variety of amazing guests on who all have so much wisdom. Zoe is a fantastic interviewer and also talks about her own mental health journey and experiences, so you feel really safe and connected when you are listening. I also remember her talking about being moaned at about the ‘Mother’ in fer podcast name. As she explained – she is a mother and she has no experience of being a man or a father – so she talks about what she understands and relates to! With my blog being called The Spoonie Mummy, I could really relate and now I know what to say if this ever comes up for me.

Rosie Ramsey – @rosemarinoramsey

Absolutely love her! Down to earth, relatable, hilarious – what more could you want?! I found Rosie through listening to her and her husband Chris Ramsey’s podcast. Both me and Ste listen to this every week and love it – both laughing and gagging in pretty equal measure – if you know you know!

The Unicorn Mummy – @the_unicornmummy_blog

Bex (and her hubby) are two of those people I have been so grateful to Instagram for ‘meeting’. Both of them are absolutely lovely and make me laugh every week. She is a fantastic advocate for people with disabilities, especially parents who have young kids – showing you that parenting with chronic illnesses and disabilities is definitely more than possible! As a side note – Tuesday night the latest And and Bec video will be released (this will be the third week). If you don’t already follow, please go and do so, and share the video – I would LOVE to see them on the Saturday Night Takeaway plane to Disney!

Fiona – @fionalikestoblog

Fiona is an amazing author and freelancer with a passion for mental health. She is always offering great tips for freelancers on her Instagram page as well as writing some fab content for magazines such as Happiful (one of my faves). I recommend her to all fellow freelancers or those interested in becoming a freelancer, as well as those looking for inspired content on mental health matters.

Anna Whitehouse – @mother_pukka

Author, columnist, presenter, breast-feeding friendly clothing reviews – you will get it all here! The main reason I follow Anna though, is because of her amazing work with the #flexappeal campaign. Anna believes flexible working is the future and so do I! As both a mum and a disabled/chronically ill person, I know that a more flexible way of working would really help me get back into working once I have had this next surgery I am waiting on. The Pukkas are great champions for this and I love supporting such a brilliant campaign.

Anna Mathur – @annamathur

Anna is a psychotherapist ‘by trade’ and brings all her wisdom – learnt through both hard work and also personal experience – to her Instagram page. I think the work she is doing, particularly within maternal mental health, is vital and so very much needed. I already have her book, Mind Over Mother, on pre-order and cannot wait to read it. Her stories are also pretty hilarious, so keep an eye on those!

Mrs Hinch – @mrshinchhome

I bloody adore Mrs Hinch! As a fellow human with anxiety, who uses cleaning as a bit of an ‘escape’, I really love her page. It is also full of really useful hacks, tips and tricks. I also love watching her stories and seeing her gorgeous little boy and beautiful Henry. Whenever I am in need of a little cleaning inspiration, I head on over, watch a few videos and suddenly, the house is sparkling again.

Jenna Farmer – @jennafarmeruk

Jenna is a fellow blogger with two highly successful blogs on gut health/gluten free (A Balanced Belly) and freelancing/blogging (The Bloglancer). Jenna also writes really interesting contrent for a wide range of platforms and runs Chronic Illnss Bloggers of which I am a member. She has been really helpful to me as a relative newbie and has shared so much fab advice.

Stephie – @colitistoostomy

Last but not least, my beautiful, personal friend Stephie who writes her blog, Colitis To Ostomy as well as writing for Securicare and Comfizz. Stephie is a beautiful human who I adore. Her Instagram is full of amazing content for mums and ostomates, covering both physical and mental health. She is also sharing her journey with getting back into running following her diagnosis of hEDS. This is all for a brilliant cause too – Run For Phoenix – and you can find links to sponsor her in her bio with more information.

I hope this list leads you to find some other amazing women to follow on Instagram and beyond. I would love to hear who you love to follow on there, please let me know in the comments below so i can go and check them out!

3 Comments on “International Women’s Day – My Instagram Top 10

  1. What a great post! I like learning about other inspiring chronic illness bloggers. Thanks for sharing and happy International Women’s Day 🙂


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