Showcase Cinema Trip

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We were lucky enough to be invited to the Showcase Cinema a couple of weeks ago for the premiere of two new short films from the books written by Julia Donaldson – Zog and The Highway Rat.

Luckily this fell before all the Corona Virus restrictions came in and this resulted in what will be our last cinema trip for a while, but they still asked me to share about our visit to let you know about what is available for when we can once again get out and about!

The two films we were invited to see were short, 30 minute animations based on the books by Julia Donaldson. I am a huge fan of her books and Zog is one of my favourites, but I hadn’t come across The Highway Rat before.

These two films were screened together as part of the Showcase Cinemas Totally Tots events. Every weekend at 11am they screen mini movies for younger children. This is such a great idea if you have little ones and want to introduce them to the cinema without worrying about them sitting through a whole, full length movie. It is also really relaxed inside the screening, with pushchairs allowed and people not being bothered about the kids laughing out loud (or in this case, shouting about the mean rat!). We have previously taken little lady to see the Peppa Pig movie which was also part of the Totally Tots event and she loved her first cinema experience.

We really enjoyed our morning in the cinema. Little lady loved the films and even me and Ste did not resort to reading our books…which we had done during Peppa Pig! He also didn’t fall asleep which for Ste is an achievement! Zog is such a lovely story and The Highway Rat was great too with a really good underlying message.

We often go to the Showcase Cinema de Lux in the Derby Intu centre and always enjoy our visits. Ostomates will know that popcorn is on our list of foods which commonly cause blockages but I am so grateful to be able to eat it with no issues. I always recommend that people try things for themselves as we are all so different. Start with a small portion, chew really well and drink plenty – see how you get on! My other top cinema treat is a Tango Ice Blast – yummy! The toilets are also always clean and the disabled facilities are good.

Obviously the cinemas are closed at the moment but I am looking forward to when they reopen and you can keep an eye on what is coming in the Totally Tots events here. A huge thankyou to Showcase Cinemas for our invite and tickets, Little Lady loved her treat and it was a perfect activity for a cold, miserable morning.

What activities are you looking forward to getting back to once lockdown is over? Let me know in the comments below. Take care and stay safe,

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