Good morning and happy hump day! Today I am sharing a book with you that will be perfect for fellow writers and bloggers looking to break into the world of freelancing. Jenna is a brilliant writer and has taught me so much since I began following her on Instagram, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her latest book when it was released.

Jenna Farmer

Jenna began blogging in 2012 and in 2017 began to branch out into freelance writing. She has written for The Independent, Happiful Magazine, The Telegraph, Metro, Refinery 29 and more. She has two blogs – The Bloglancer which is all about blogging and writing and A Balanced Belly which focuses on gut health, IBD and gluten free topics.

The Freelance Writing Toolkit – How To Earn A Living From Your Words

The Blurb

In 2018, I was already earning from my blog but I decided to branch out and try and get into freelance journalism.

I knew it was fiercely competitive but I’ve managed to make a living from it (and it’s pretty much my only source of work at the moment) and have since written for: The Independent, The Telegraph, Metro Online, Refinery 29, Happiful Magazine, Culture Trip, Top Sante magazine to name just a few.

I’m always asked how to get into freelance writing and always say the same thing: you just need a really good idea.

But in theory, it is actually bit more complicated. You need a really good idea AND the know-how of how to pitch, who to pitch to, and when to pitch. And that’s what this ebook will do. It’s everything I’ve learnt over my years of freelance writing-in one low-cost ebook.

In this ebook, we’ll cover…

-The different ways to make money from freelance writing.

What makes a really good story that won’t be rejected (with plenty of real examples from my own pitches).

-How to find places that will pay for your words-even during this pandemic (including info on places looking right now).

-The 3 steps I always use to pitch (with an example pitch) as well as tips on when to pitch and how to find contacts.

-Prompts and spaces to plan and track your pitches.

What I Thought

I have read Jenna’s previous two e-books and find her style really easy to follow and understand. She has had great success in her blogging and freelance writing work, so her advice can be held in high esteem.

The book is well written and has some really useful advice in ti. I love that Jenna shares her expertise and contacts to encourage and help others, when many successful writers would often keep this information to themselves so as to lower competition!

I love the way the book is set out with easy to follow steps which show how to work through beginning to freelance. There are pages to fill in following each section with your own ideas and thoughts, which are a great idea and helps you to start formulating your individual plans.

After breaking my ankle I am having to take things a bit slower at the moment but once this cast is off I cannot wait to get started with my own plan of action. I have been wanting to step into the world of freelancing for a little while, but have been nervous and didn’t know where to start – well this book has given me the confidence as well as the information I needed to pursue this goal!

Where To Buy

Get The Freelance Writing Toolkit – How To Make a Living From Your Words (£9.99) – Get 30% off with the code NEWBOOK – valid for the first 50 people who purchase the book

Jenna also offers her three e-books as a 3 for 2 bundle

Growing Your Blog, Pitching/Working with Brands and The Freelance Working Toolkit (£13.98)

Jenna has kindly offered one of her e-book bundles as a prize for one of my lovely readers. You can find the giveaway over on my Instagram today, so head over there and enter if you want to be in with a chance of winning all three fab books by her. What self-development books have you read lately? Pop your recommendations below in the comments so I can check them out, you all know I love a good book recommendation! Take care and stay safe,


  1. I saw that you used better you iron spray are you still using it and how long ? Did it really help


    • I do yes. It has worked fantastically well for me and my doctor said whatever I was using I needed to keep it up as my iron levels are the best they have been in at least 15 years! Xx


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