Blog Tour Book Review – Rabbit Bright

Ad | We were kindly gifted a copy of the book from the publishers | Post contains affiliate link

Good morning and happy Thursday! Just want to apologise for the radio silence – I have had the boys here and have been concentrating on having fun with them, so have not had much time to blog. I am still pretty active on social media so please do pop over to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and give us a follow so you can see what we have been getting up to!

We were kindly sent this book from the publisher’s to review and you know that I am a big bookworm – and am lucky to be raising two mini bookworms! The book is aimed at kids who may be a little worried about the dark – something both mine have gone though and in fact, both still are a bit!

Rabbit Bright

Viola Wang

Published on 23rd July 2020 | Hodder Children’s Books | Paperback

The Blurb

Rabbit Bright goes boldly into the night, turning nightmares to colourful dreams
in this glorious, stylish picture book debut from an exceptional new talent.

When night falls, one brave rabbit sets out to explore the darkness. But, as Rabbit Bright soon discovers, there’s light everywhere if you just know where to look. A stunningly illustrated adventure, perfect for reassuring children who are afraid of the dark.

About The Author – Viola Wang

Viola Wang was born and raised in Beijing, China. She went to school at the printing factory where her father worked, and this is where her love of books started. She studied oil painting at university before moving to London to work as a graphic designer. She is a graduate of the Children’s Book Illustration MA at the Cambridge School of Art and the winner of the Sebastian Walker Award. She now teaches at the Cambridge School of Art.

What We Thought

We read this at bedtime and the book came at a perfect time! As I was tucking Riley in, he seemed a little tense. I asked what was wrong and he mentioned that he didn’t really like the dark still!

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to read this for our bedtime story and he loved it – in fact he described it as awesome! The pictures are absolutely amazing – so bright and vivid and really grab children’s attention. At the end we talked about what Rabbit Bright thought of the dark and Riley nailed the idea on the head when he said, well there is a bit of light everywhere if you look for it! He chose this as his favourite page – no surprise at all really as he loves anything to do with space.

Where To Buy

Buy Rabbit Bright on Amazon

Such a gorgeously and brightly illustrated book that is absolutely perfect for bedtime, especially if your child is a bit nervous about the dark. We loved it! Thank you so much to Hodder Children’s Books for sending it over and making our bedtime read a special one,

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