Guest Post – Everyday Chores Your Kids Can Do During Quarantine

Good morning and happy Wednesday! This week I have a couple of posts about kids chores and pocket money and I am kicking it off with this guest post from Samantha Green.

Samantha has written about a few, everyday chores you can get your kids doing during quarantine. I don’t know about you but I have really enjoyed the opportunity to teach the kids some basic things during lockdown – those skills they will need as they grow up and move out – washing up, sorting washing and hoovering for example. I have been guilty of overdoing things for my boys, but even though they are my babies, they are 8 and 11 now and they can definitely do more than I give them credit for! They have also started getting pocket money now and I feel that they should be doing some jobs at home in order to receive this.

Everyday Chores Your Kids Can Do During Quarantine

While chores were once met with groans and brokered through Kids Chore App, it has now become an integral part of most children’s daily routine during quarantine. Apart from finding ways to keep their children entertained, many parents are also using the opportunity to teach their kids everyday chores.

Rather than yelling or threatening your children, educating them about the unpleasant consequences of a dirty house is a better way of encouraging them to do household chores. Below are some everyday tasks you can teach your kids during quarantine to help them form good habits for life.

Decluttering Rooms

Most children tend to clutter up surfaces by using things and never putting them back in place. Regardless if it’s gadgets, comic books, toys, or other personal belongings, teach your kids to pick up after themselves and return things to their proper places after use. This is one straightforward task they can easily do that can significantly contribute to keeping your home neat and clean.

Dusting Furniture

This household chore is ideal for older kids since they are mostly tall enough to reach high surfaces. They are also less likely to break anything. However, dusting can be a tedious and time-consuming chore, so it would be best to assign them to dust the furniture in one room each day.

It would also be a good idea to have your kids team up to complete the task faster. Make them understand that dusting daily is a more manageable chore than cleaning after dust that has accumulated for days (or weeks). It might even motivate them to do the task without being told.

Doing the Dishes

Washing the dishes is another chore kids need to learn while they are young. Here’s a good rule to have in your household: have each person wash their own dishes, and the rest will be taken care of by the person assigned to do the chore. If you have a dishwasher, give each of your children a day each week to take care of the task.

Straightening Out Rooms

Since most families are quarantining together, almost every room in the house gets used daily. Straightening out rooms is a simple chore for kids and one they can quickly learn. It can also make any room appear so much neater.

Teach your kids to straighten out cushions on the sofas or push chairs back to their right places. While seemingly inconsequential, it can go a long way towards ensuring the room stays clean and organized.

It would also be ideal to have kids do the straightening out during nighttime or before bedtime, so everything is tidy and organized when they wake up the next day.

Setting and Clearing the Table

While you’re preparing breakfast, lunch, or dinner, have your kids set the table so you won’t have to do it yourself. In the same manner, you can also have them clear and clean the table after each meal while you take care of other kitchen tasks like storing leftovers.

Cleaning their Bedrooms

Most kids are generally not bothered when their rooms are messy. However, it drives most parents crazy. Since it is their personal space, it is crucial to teach kids how to respect it by keeping it clean and tidy.

To help ensure kids can incorporate cleaning their rooms in their daily routine, schedule a specific time each day just for the task. Have them put away any clothes, books, and toys that are lying around.


The importance of teaching your kids the value of keeping a neat and organized home cannot be overemphasized. So rather than allowing your kids to get lazy and inactive during quarantine, use it as an opportunity to teach them household chores that can make them productive and help them develop good life habits.

Samantha Green

I would love to hear what jobs you get your kids to do and what chores they enjoy doing most – please let me know in the comments below!

Thank you to Samantha for this fab post. I know a lot of parents struggle with where to get started in getting their children to help out around the home, so hopefully this is really helpful! Take care and keep safe everyone,

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