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Wow – where is this year going? I am really happy that these past few months have gone pretty quickly as it has been rubbish, but I am ready for some normality now! Do you think this year is going by really quickly?

I have some really exciting books to share with you and have included some books I have finished on Audible recently too. I really enjoy listening to books while I am in the bath, cleaning or driving especially! I highly recommend giving Audible a try – the first month is free so you can get an idea of whether you will like it or not.

The Day I Disappeared*

by Brandi Reeds

The Blurb

A terrifying crime reunites a mother and daughter in a novel of psychological suspense by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of Trespassing.

Three months after four-year-old Holly Gebhardt was kidnapped, she was inexplicably returned to the same park from which she’d vanished…with no memory of the ordeal. Though a local handyman was convicted, suspicion also fell on his friend—Holly’s mother, Cecily. The troubling doubts about her involvement shattered the family, forever driving a wedge between mother and daughter.

Twenty years later, another girl goes missing under eerily similar circumstances. It’s just the latest in a series of kidnappings that Detective Jason Guidry thinks Holly can help solve. Though Holly has tried to move on with her life, a young girl’s life hangs in the balance. All she has to do is try to remember…

With her memory still mostly blank, Holly is missing vital pieces of the puzzle, and she believes her mother can put them in place. In desperation and fear, Holly and her mother come together again. But in a chilling rush toward the past, Cecily still has secrets she’s yet to share with her daughter. Should she dare to breathe a word, she could lose Holly all over again.

What I Thought

Wow what a great thriller, absolutely FULL of twists. I kept thinking I had got it, and I knew what was going on and then there was abnother big shift and I was left guessing again!

I did find for a little while in the middle that the book became a little bit choppy, but the overall plot kept going and I needed to know how it finished! So many of the little parts of the lives of the characters were realistic which added to the intensity and feelings that came with reading.

Any fans of thrillers will enjoy this one – it has everything that you want and need in this genre so comes highly recommended by me.

Where To Buy

Buy The Day I Disappeared on Amazon – Available in Paperback, Kindle, Audible and Audio CD

So Lucky

By Dawn O’Porter

The Blurb


Beth shows that women really can have it all.
Ruby lives life by her own rules.
And then there’s Lauren, living the dream.

Beth hasn’t had sex in a year.
Ruby feels like she’s failing.
Lauren’s happiness is fake news.

And it just takes one shocking event to make the truth come tumbling out…

The bold and brilliant new novel from Dawn O’Porter, the bestselling author of The Cows.

What I Thought

So, I reviewed Dawn’s first book, The Cows, a while ago and if you remember that (well done firstly), I wasn’t a huge fan. However, I do really like her so when So Lucky came out, I had to get it. I chose to purchase it again from Audible, as I did with The Cows and I love that she helps voice some of her characters.

This one was set out in a similar way to The Cows and is something I really do like about her books. There were three main, female characters, as in her first book and their stories eventually intertwine. I absolutely loved the three characters in this book and think there are parts in all the ladies stories that so many will identify with.

The book is full of laugh out loud humour as well as real and raw emotion. Definitely one of my faves of the year so far and I recommend to all women especially. If you, like me, were not entirely convinced by The Cows, I would definitely give this a go as I found this one so much better!

Where To Buy

Buy So Lucky on AmazonAvailable in hardback, paperback, kindle and audible

Paper Dolls*

By Lisa Bradley

The Blurb



Leah Wallace has just achieved her dream of becoming editor at a regional paper. On her first day a 15-year-old girl, Hope Hooper-Smith, is reported missing. The police fear that she has been abducted.

Hours later, another teenage girl goes missing. But this girl, Tilly Bowers, is from a troubled background and is a habitual runaway. Leah decides to run the Hope’s abduction on the front page, while Tilly only gets a small mention on page eighteen. The next day, Hope is found unharmed at a train station. But Tilly is never seen or heard from again.

Sixteen years later, a TV documentary questions Leah’s decision not to give Tilly’s case immediate coverage, implying that she could have cost Tilly her life, and Leah starts receiving death threats online.

Then mysterious paper dolls begin appearing, cut from the newspapers Leah used to edit, and she suspects that an intruder has been in the house. Leah becomes convinced that someone wants to punish her for the part she played in Tilly’s disappearance. But just how far will they go to make her pay?

A gripping and chilling psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Lisa Jewell and C.L. Taylor.

What I Thought

Well this book managed to keep me on the edge of my seat and I loved it! Thrillers are one of my favourite genres and this a great example of one. The author is a new one to me and I believe this is her first book. She is compared to C. L. Taylor and Lisa Jewell – two of my favourite authors – in the blurb so I expected great things and these comparisons were very much deserved.

There were plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing right until the very end – I was sure I had sussed it on a number of occasions but I really hadn’t! It was really chilling in parts and almost scary – but that kept me reading as I needed to know what was going to happen. The characters were very real and the book still provided some light hearted moments at times. I loved that the book tackled topical issues such as race and class, as it helped make it that much more realistic.

If you are a thriller fan you are going to really enjoy this one!

Where To Buy

Buy from Amazon – Paperback, Kindle and Audible versions available

The Five by Hallie Rubenhold

The Blurb


‘An angry and important work of historical detection, calling time on the misogyny that has fed the Ripper myth. Powerful and shaming.’ GUARDIAN

Polly, Annie, Elizabeth, Catherine and Mary-Jane are famous for the same thing, though they never met. They came from Fleet Street, Knightsbridge, Wolverhampton, Sweden and Wales. They wrote ballads, ran coffee houses, lived on country estates, they breathed ink-dust from printing presses and escaped people-traffickers.
What they had in common was the year of their murders: 1888.
Their murderer was never identified, but the name created for him by the press has become far more famous than any of these five women.
Now, in this devastating narrative of five lives, historian Hallie Rubenhold finally sets the record straight, and gives these women back their stories.

‘Devastatingly good. The Five will leave you in tears, of pity and of rage.’ LUCY WORSLEY
‘Fascinating, compelling, moving.’ – BRIDGET COLLINS, author of THE BINDING
Awards for The Five include:
– Winner of the BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE for Non-fiction 2019
– HAY FESTIVAL Book of the Year 2019
– Winner of the Goodreads Choice Awards for History 2019

What I Thought

Another of my favourite genres is true crime and this book piqued by interest due to that. I read the blurb and really wanted to listen (this was another Audible purchase) but didn’t realise quite how many awards it had won – and they are thoroughly deserved.

This has got to be one of my favourite books of the year for sure, I loved it. It was really interesting to learn more about the lives of Jack The Ripper’s victims that isn’t the usual prostitute line. The author really researched these women’s lives well and it was so interesting to hear about. They were all unfortunate enough to fall victim to the Ripper but actually, there lives were all really hard for all manner of reasons before that too.

I would highly recommend this to all book lovers. I also loved the Audible version – the narrator read the book so well. I hadn’t heard of the book before choosing it from the Audible store, but since listening to it have seen another book blogger recommending it too and I am really not surprised. Fantastic!

Where To Buy

Buy from Amazon – hardback, paperback, audible, kindle and audio CD versions available

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my last few reads/listens. It has been a good book month again for sure!

I would love to hear what you have been reading and would recommend in the comments below! Take care and stay safe,

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  1. I would love tolearn how you are gifted books. I’m in the US and would love ot know how oyu got started. I’ve written one book review and did one blog tour for an author but the work didn’t go anywhere from there. I’m not a huge reader but I’m sure my followers would enjoy more book reviews. Thanks for any help you can offer. if that a better way to communicate. 🙂

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