Children’s Book Reviews – June 2022

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Good morning and welcome back to our kid’s book reviews for June. Both me and Riley have been scouring the kindle and have found some great books to share this month. Enjoy!

The Asparagus Bunch*

by Jessica Scott-Whyte

The Blurb

Leon John Crothers is 4779 days old (thirteen years and one month, if you’re mathematically challenged), he has been ‘moved on’ from six different schools and most people think he has an attitude problem. Leon doesn’t care for the label in the same way that he doesn’t care for Tim Burton, supermarket trolleys, train fanatics or Bounty bars. 

This time, however, things may turn out differently as help comes from where he least expects it – Dr Snot, a physician at pains to help Leon navigate ‘normal’ and classmates, Tanya and Lawrence who both face their own challenges. When school bully Glen Jenkins humiliates Leon in the school canteen and almost destroys Lawrence, Leon very reluctantly agrees to the formation of a club, The Asparagus Bunch. 

How Leon manages to navigate school woes and family drama – and astonishingly ends up with not one but two friends – is nothing short of a miracle, or maybe just simply down to being different. 

What We Thought

Me and Riley (10) both really enjoyed this book, which we have been reading as our bedtime story.

Leon is a likeable main character and we liked getting to spend a bit of time in his head, which is a strong point of the book. We both found the random facts about confectionary a welcome break from some of the heavier parts of the storyline. And some parts of the book are pretty heavy, but in a way kids can understand and that’s what makes this great – kids reading will get a bit of an insight into people with this condition, more so than reading something non-fiction, but still in a way suitable for them. Leon is also dealing with things that lots of children go through – such as their parent getting in a new relationship – which kids can find difficult even if they aren’t on the spectrum.

You go through the whole range of emotions with Leon in this book – happiness, sadness, frustration and more – and both me and Riley loved it and would recommend!

Where To Buy

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All Aboard the London Bus*

by Patricia Toht

The Blurb

This delightful rhyming picture book follows a family as they explore London, one of the world’s most famous capital cities!

Come! Board the London Bus
and see the London sights with us.
At any time, hop off, explore!
Then climb back on, and ride some more…

As a family of four spend a day exploring London, fun, child-friendly poems introduce readers to our wonderful capital city, and all its secrets. Well-known landmarks like Buckingham PalaceBig Ben and the London Eye, plus inescapable features like rain and taking tea, all get Patty Toht’s witty treatment.

Non-fiction facts provide more information about the poetry subjects, while rising star Sam Usher brings them to life with his signature style and humour.

This gorgeous celebration of London will be loved by both tourists and those who call the city home.

What I Thought

I loved this book! Beautifully illustrated and well written, I am sure this will be a BIG hit!

Lots of children had their first glimpse of the capital over the jubilee weekend in June and this is a great way of showing them a little bit more of London, and what amazing sights there are without having to travel anywhere (or a great way of preparing for a trip there)! The rhyming text is fab and the book includes a great selection of some of the favourite tourist spots in our capital; city.

Lots to learn and see in this one little book, fantastic!

Where To Buy

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Big Sister

Ruby and the New Baby*

by DK

The Blurb

Being a big brother or sister isn’t always easy. Join Ruby as she learns to adapt to having a new member of the family and discovers what it is really like to be a big sister.

Ruby is three years old and is an only child. She is a little bit spoilt and is used to being the centre of attention in her family. But things are about to change. Ruby is going to have a new brother or sister soon. Ruby is excited – she can’t wait to help her little brother or sister get dressed and play ball with them! But when Ruby’s baby brother, Raj, is born, she realises that being a big sister isn’t as fun or easy as she had expected…

Follow this cheeky child as she discovers what it is truly like to be a big sister and have a new sibling in the family. It can be difficult for children to adapt to a new family dynamic, but it is important for families to talk about the tricky topic. Big Sister provides parents with a resource that promotes discussion and gently introduces toddlers to the idea of having a new sibling and the challenges and emotions they may experience during this time. Packed with beautiful illustrations and a beautifully-written heart-warming story, this board book is a great addition to any child’s bookshelf and is perfect for adults and their little ones to share together.

Having a younger sibling isn’t always easy. Have you got what it takes to be a great older brother or sister?

What I Thought

A perfect read for little ones expecting a new little brother or sister.

Ruby is excited to have a baby to play with but the reality is a little different. This sweet story shows what having a sibling might be like, the changes you might expect and how your child can enjoy their new brother or sister. A great conversation starter if you are expecting a new little one and want to help prepare your toddler or young child.

Where To Buy

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My Sweet Boy*

by Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs, Thais Libório

The Blurb


Are you looking for a fun, colorful way to teach your child good behavior? One of the best ways to learn is through fun and laughter and that’s what you’ll find with our new rhyming picture book. Each page is filled with adorable characters and playful rhymes, making learning about good behavior an enjoyable experience. Perfect for children aged 3-8, this book is a must-have for any parent or teacher looking to instill good manners in their young ones.

This book is Great for parents who are looking for:

* Rhyming words to increase children’s creativity and imagination.

* A story with a positive message

* Rhymes with beautifully illustrated pictures on every page.

* Lessons on being a good friend and the importance of good behavior.


* The book is 24 pages long

* Perfect for 3-year-olds and up

* Creative Artwork on each page

* Rhymes for Kids can be read in less than 3 minutes

* Helps Children Develop Social Skills and Improve Reading Skills

This book is perfect for bedtime reading or anytime reading.

What I Thought

A sweet book to read with your little one, which encourages good behaviour and positive personality traits such as being caring.

The story is a rhyming one, which is always nice to read. The pictures are bright and colourful. A lovely story to share with your children at bedtime or any time!

Where To Buy

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Why Is Blood Red?*

The Blurb

Discover the answers to more than 200 of the most jaw-dropping questions about the human body.

Ever wondered what’s happening inside your body right now? Young readers will love learning the answers to all their sensational and squeamish questions about what makes us human in this children’s biology book. Perfect for children aged 6-9.

Inside the pages of this mind-boggling book, you’ll discover:

– Five chapters covering body basics, parts of the body, how the body works, being healthy, and medical marvels
– Question and answer format that makes topics easily digestible and intriguing
– ‘Quick quiz’ boxes that allow young readers to test their knowledge of the human body
– Fun facts and detailed illustrations covering a large range of both common and bizarre biology topics

This human body encyclopedia for kids is packed with captivating facts for curious minds! What are bones made of? Why does sugar taste sweet? Why do our ears pop? Page after page, kids will uncover incredible answers to all the questions they’ve ever had about their body, and some they haven’t even thought of!

Why is Blood Red? cleverly combines charming illustrations with clear, jargon-free language, making it easy for kids to get to grips with the gigantic topic that is human biology. It’s the ultimate children’s encyclopedia for budding scientists who are fascinated by how our bodies work!

Complete the Series:

There’s so much more to discover! Explore the science behind what makes the world spin with over 200 questions about our own planet in Why Does the Earth Need the Moon? Learn brilliant answers to baffling questions about science, space, history, earth and nature in Why? Encyclopedia.

What I Thought

Do you know all those random questions your kids ask you that you don’t have all the answers to? This book has you covered!

If your kids are anything like mine, with their random thoughts and questions, they will love this easy to read book that’s full of brilliant pictures and diagrams. It covers a huge range of topics and educates your child in a kid-friendly way.

So for anything from – why do I burp? – to – how do I remember things? – you now have all the answers!

Where To Buy

Buy from my Amazon shop

Some really great reads this month and I hope you have enjoyed hearing about them. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below, or if you have also read any of them! Take care and keep reading,

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