Ostomy 101 – Salts Confidence BE Baseplate Change

So if you have followed me for a while now you will know I use the Salts Confidence BE bags for my ileostomy and love them.

However, my latest delivery had a bit of a surprise in store for me – the baseplate of my bags looked different – eek!

A little look online and I saw someone else talking about this change, and Salts Healthcare had helpfully responded to explain.

Apparently the change was necessary due to a shortage of materials used in the old style adhesive. I am not going to lie – this worried me more! My skin is quite reactive to different adhesives and I often find I am allergic to them I was concerned that these new style bags wouldn’t suit me and I am sure there are many others like me, who use these bags and are worried too.

It didn’t help that when I started using them, I wars just finishing a course of antibiotics for a chest infection, which had caused my output to go a bit crazy. I had 4 leaks in 3 days and thought that my journey with my favourite bags was over.

Luckily, as my output has settled down now, they seem to be working fine again – even in this second heatwave we appear to be having in the UK.

I thought I would share this post just to explain the change if you have noticed it, and hopefully allay some fears about the difference in adhesive like I had in the beginning. Despite the rocky start, they do seem to be working as well as normal now, but it has only been a week or so, so I will definitively keep you updated if that changes!

Have you noticed the difference in the Salts baseplate? Are they still working as well for you? I’d love to hear how you are getting on, so please let me know about your experiences in the comments below!

You can check out the Salts Healthcare website here, where you can contact them, check out all their products and order samples.

You can also check out my post and video about the Salts Confidence BE bags here.

Take care and make sure you stay hydrated while enjoying this lovely weather,

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