Children’s Book Reviews – August 2022

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Hello, how is your Summer going? Is everyone a bit bored yet? Hopefully my book reviews might give you an idea of something you can read with your child or give them to read as something to do!

The Mystery of the Missing Mum*

by Frances Moloney

The Blurb

One day, Jake wakes up to a different world: his mum seems to have vanished into thin air! With his Grandma snoring in the kitchen and older sister Rose spending hours getting ready, Jake starts the search for his mum by making a list of places she might be: Tesco? The EU? Hospital? The Bahamas?

Being a detective turns out to be quite hard work and everyone Jake turns to for help seems frustratingly busy. Life at home wasn’t perfect, but he can’t understand why she would simply run off like this. And why doesn’t everyone else seem more concerned?

What We Thought

While we both found this book enjoyable, there were some issues with it.

My main problem with the book was the age of the main character, Jake. While it appeared he goes to senior school and is around 14/15 based on the fact his best friend plays in an under 15’s football team, I found him to appear much younger than this. While the idea is that the character is confused by the mystery of his missing mum, I still thought he seemed to handle this in a way that appeared much younger than he was supposed to be. I don’t think Riley picked up on this as much as me as there were just subtle hints towards his actual age – but Riley identified more with him and I’d suggest that is because he is 10 and probably more like the age that Jake appears to act in the book.

While great that this book approaches the subject of mental health, I think this could have been explained more, as Jake comes to a realisation about why his mum has disappeared. I don’t think Riley understood that side of it as much as he could have, had there been some more information included, still in an age appropriate way. However, he did enjoy the book and kept asking me to read it so he clearly liked it!

Where To Buy

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The Worry Tiger*

by Alexandra Page

The Blurb

An anti-anxiety book that weaves calming actions into a magical story, showing young children ways to soothe their own worries.

It’s show-and-tell tomorrow and Rory is worried – he doesn’t have anything special to share with the class. But everything changes when Rory meets his very own worry tiger.

“Try this,” said the tiger. “See how quiet you can be. Tiptoe like a tiger and tell me what you see.”

Breathing deep to smell the jungle scents.
Stretching to join the monkeys high up in the trees.
Listening carefully to the creatures all around.

This enchanting story is full of mindfulness actions that anyone can take to feel calm.

The Worry Tiger is a gorgeously illustrated book with a gentle rhyme that’s a joy to read aloud and will help children relax and speak about what might be making them feel anxious. Includes a set of fun and easy mindfulness exercises at the back of the book. From the creators of The Fire Fox, Alexandra Page and Stef Murphy, shortlisted for Oscar’s Book Prize 2022.

What I Thought

Beautiful and brightly illustrated, this book is a perfect story for any child who is struggling with anxiety.

The book is really well written and will help any young child relate to why they might be worried about something – so is a perfect conversation starter too. The book would also work well in a classroom setting during work about feelings and emotions.

Where To Buy

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Romans Magnified*

With a 3x Magnifying Glass!

by David Long

The Blurb

Zoom in to discover what life was like for Ancient Romans in this innovative and interactive illustrated title that takes you right into their fascinating world!

Learn what life was like for the Romans – from the Senate and the Colosseum to the market, the public baths and beyond! Using the free magnifying glass, seek out incredible facts about ancient Rome in this search-and-find adventure, packed with over 200 things to spot.

Children will love discovering a typical Roman market, meeting fearsome gladiators, and seeing what a temple, school, and villa were like, with authentic detail and cutaway scenes. The artwork bursts with hidden detail and bustles with action, and detailed factual text will tell you everything you need to know about the different areas of Roman life.

Sections Include: The Emperor and Senate,  The Roman Army and Navy,  Marriage and the Roman Family,  Romans at Home,  Chariot Races and Gladiators,  … and many more!

From David Long, the author behind Pirates MagnifiedEgypt MagnifiedCastles Magnified, and Ancient World Magnified, this book will inform and entertain even the youngest historian for hours on end.

What I Thought

This book is a great one for any budding history fans out there!

A good mix of interesting information, bright illustrations and the hide and seek element make it an interactive and fun learning experience. The book will be a great hit and kids won’t realise that they are learning while doing it – bonus! I haven’t seen any of the previous books by the author, but will definitely check them out in the future!

Where To Buy

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Where Has All The Cake Gone?*

by Andrew Sanders

The Blurb

An irresistibly tall tale full of warmth, wit, cake and . . . penguins! Perfect for small children with big imaginations, Where Has All the Cake Gone? is the first picture book from sensational new team, Andrew Sanders and Aysha Awwad.

“I did not eat the cake.”

A cake has gone missing from the kitchen and Dad wants to know where it has gone. But Albert says it wasn’t him. Oh, no. It was eaten by some very naughty penguins who then kidnapped Albert and took him on a madcap adventure involving international travel in a giant jar of marmalade and a snowball fight with kangaroos. Albert’s dad is not impressed. But Alberts swears he’s telling the truth. HE DID NOT EAT THE CAKE! Could his story really be true?

What I Thought

A cute and nicely illustrated story about a missing cake and a young boy’s amazing imagination!

Young children will love the inventive Albert’s story of what happened to the cake – because he didn’t eat it! Funny and sweet – follow Albert’s story and see if you believe it was the naughty penguins, or maybe you have another idea in mind! Fantastical tale, perfect for bedtime reading!

Where To Buy

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Little Lion*

A Day in the Life of a Lion Cub

by Anna Brett

The Blurb

Little Lion is a fact-filled picture book story based on the everyday adventures of a Lion Cub and their WILD family.

Learn what different members of the lion family get up to, and how the fun and games of a little lion help them develop the vital survival skills they will need to use later on in life. This charming celebration of Lions will show children just how extraordinary these animals are and is a reminder that it is up to us to care for our planet and its creatures.

This adorable story is followed by a fun factivity section packed with craft projectscase studies and a quiz section at the back of the book, so you can put everything you have learnt about Little Lion and their family to the test.

In the Really Wild Families series, based on the everyday adventures of wild animals, discover what the littlest members of the family get up to! Through their eyes we will explore the habitats, family dynamics and how they play, grow and survive as a family.

What I Thought

A really sweet book full of lovely, bright illustrations, not only will your child enjoy the story but they will learn a little about lions in the wild too! The story is told from Little Lion’s perspective and while full of information about his day, the author has done a really good job to make it age appropriate and not overwhelming.

I haven’t come across this series before, but think young children will really enjoy it, as well as the fun facts, project ideas and quiz at the end of the book, which is a lovely bonus..

Where To Buy

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I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what we have been reading recently – some great ones to choose from that will keep your little ones entertained! Take care and keep reading,

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