Children’s Book Reviews – September 2022

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Good morning and thanks for popping on the blog to read my latest post! How are you finding getting back into the school routine again? Are your kids enjoying their new classes? I hope it is all going as well as possible, it can take me a couple of weeks to get settled in, but I do love the routine of it!

Hope you enjoy our reviews of the latest kids books we have read – I try and include a selection for different ages and interests but if you have any suggestions that you would like to hear our thoughts on, please let me know in the comments below!

A Starlit Trip to the Library

by Andrew Katz; Juliana Léveillé-Trudel

The Blurb

Sail to the library under the stars in this twinkling sequel to How to Catch a Bear Who Loves to Read!

One warm summer evening, Julia is camping out in the forest with her friends, Scotty the squirrel, Abigail the groundhog, and Frieda the skunk. Everyone gathers together for the night’s most eagerly awaited event: storytime by the campfire. But when Julia digs through her bag, she discovers . . . that she has forgotten to bring her book!

Will Julia and her friends have to go to bed without a story? Find out what happens when Bertrand, the bear who loves to read, helps in navigating to the library.

A new adventure for Julia, sailor-in-training, who will discover her beloved forest in a new light;
A story that inspires a sense of wonder and celebrates courage, friendship, and a love of books;
Vividly illustrated, this book will keep little ones engaged and intrigued.

What I Thought

A beautiful story perfect for bedtime. The story is a sweet adventure, perfect for book lovers and calm enough to settle any little one. The illustrations are beautiful and I loved the addition of the Animals Among The Stars information at the end.

I have a huge space fan at home so this was perfect and would be fit for any other space fans too!

Where To Buy

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Fantastic Football

by Robin Bennett

The Blurb

The second instalment in the series of Stupendous Sports which aims to do for Wednesday afternoon sport what Horrible Histories did for Year 7 History with Mr Simkin.

Hilarious, but factually correct, Fantastic Football is about the spirit of the beautiful game as much as rules. Covering the history of football, the future of the game including the rise in women’s football as well as the importance of diversity, Fantastic Football also features a practical section on player positions and skills and tricks.

What We Thought

A fun read that me and Riley both enjoyed. He is a huge football fan and especially enjoyed the player bios. I thought it was great that the author included both female and disabled players within these, as well as some of the greats from the men’s game.

He also loved the stats on cup winners etc., although I would recommend that you purchase the physical copy which would make these easier to read. We read this as a bedtime book, but I would definitely recommend this more for independent readers. It would be a great option for reluctant readers who are football fans, to encourage them to read a bit more too.

Where To Buy

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Larry the Llama Learns About Love

Love Is a Fruit of the Spirit

by J. M. Ashmore

The Blurb

Larry the llama moves to the farm for his first job. There he’ll be helping the farmer guard baby animals and frightening away any big bad animals that might show up. Larry is excited about this new job and hopes that the farmer will love him.

One day, a loud thunderstorm comes through, and all the animals go into the barn, where it’s safe and dry. After the storm, Larry finds that the wind has blown down a part of the fence. He decides to explore the area outside the fence. Then he discovers that Lily the lamb has followed him, and soon both of them are lost. How will the farmer find them? And even if they are found, will the farmer still love Larry?

In this children’s story, a llama whose job is guarding baby farm animals gets lost along with a little lamb, and together they learn an important lesson about caring for one another.

What I Thought

A sweet story about one of my favourite animals!

While a religious book, this story doesn’t reference religion and you can choose to read the bible verse at the ned or not. The illustrations are cute and the llama facts and conversation starters at the end of the story are great.

I also liked the references to what you should do if you find yourself separated from, your parents or carers – stay in one place, shout etc. A lovely little read with a good message attached.

Where To Buy

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DK Life Stories Marie Curie

by Nell Walker

The Blurb

Discover the inspiring story of Marie Curie – the scientist who made more than one world-changing discovery, and the first woman to win a Nobel prize – in this fascinating kids’ biography.

Born to poor school teachers at a time when women could not attend university in her home country of Poland, Marie Curie sought out an underground university and worked hard to save money for further study in Paris. She made it to France, and continued to dedicate herself to science once she had graduated. In search of new radioactive elements, she undertook physically exhausting work with materials that were later found to be incredibly dangerous. Having finally discovered polonium and radium, the Nobel prize that should have been hers was first awarded to her husband – but Marie eventually won the fame she deserved.

This biography, ideal for kids aged 7-11, charts the major events of Marie’s life, from her childhood in Poland, when she discovered her love of science using the lab kit her father brought home from his school, to coining the term “radioactive” and developing mobile radiology units that helped treat countless injured soldiers in the First World War.

What I Thought

I thought I knew quite a bit about Marie Curie, but this book was great and taught me lots more!

I loved the layout and the information given was written in a kid-friendly way that will keep them interested – perfectly pitched for the suggested age range. There was a great mix of images – photos and amazing illustrations, which were bright and colourful. A definite winner for me!

Where To Buy

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Olive Jones and the Memory Thief

by Kate Gilby Smith

The Blurb

A fun-filled ride with spies and care homes! I loved it!” Maisie Chan, author of Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths

Olive Jones has just inherited her grandmother’s memories – through a mysterious new device called a Memoriser. But her grandma has left her a mystery in those memories. And now it’s up to Olive to solve it.

After her grandmother’s funeral, Olive learns she has inherited something unexpected: her grandmother’s memories.

Olive is surprised – her grandmother wasn’t a cuddly, affectionate kind of grandmother. Curious about what she might discover, Olive sets out to ‘watch’ the memories. But before she can, they’re stolen right from under her nose. Olive can’t understand why anybody would want to steal the memories. As far as she’d known, her grandmother had always lived an utterly ordinary life.

Following the trail of the thief, Olive begins to discover that her grandmother’s life wasn’t what she thought. As she unravels the secrets lurking in her grandmother’s past, she discovers clues Grandma Sylvie left her. It’s up to Olive to solve the mystery of the memory thief, and in the process, learn about the incredible life and adventures of the grandmother she has never really known.

A contemporary story for 9+ readers with a futuristic twist, perfect for fans of Ross Welford.

What We Thought

Wow what a ride! We read this one and both me and Riley loved it! A sign of how much Riley was loving it came when he updated Leo on what had happened so far., when we were about three quarters in. He has to work on his comprehension and doesn’t always take things in when reading or being read to, but he did a great job with this book.

We loved the futuristic plot and guessing who we thought Shadow was during all the fab twists and turns. A great read for budding spies and detectives or those who enjoy a mystery and some good twists!

Where To Buy

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Hope you enjoyed these latest reviews and have found something your little ones will love! Take care and keep reading,

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