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Guest Post – 6 Ways To Plan Finances When You Have A Chronic Illness!

Welcome to Blogtober Day 4! Today I am sharing a guest post written by the lovely Valentina who contacted me through my Facebook page. I love her tips and hope you find them useful too! 6 Ways To Plan Finances When You Have A…

So What Is A Spoonie?

Originally posted on The Spoonie Mummy:
“Is this woman making similarities between living with a chronic illness and hosting a fucking tea party?” Daniel Lee So yesterday when a good friend (and fellow Crohns patient) asked me this in his oh so Daniel Lee…

Blog Tour Book Review – Dark & Fluffy: Volume II

AD | Gifted Dark & Fluffy: Volume II by Janet Stock The Blurb Following on from Dark & Fluffy, this collection is a further nine short fiction pieces. The title Dark & Fluffy II, reflects the general styles of the stories/prose in the book….

Blog Tour Book Review – Return To Hiroshima

Blog Tour Book Review – Today South London, Tomorrow South London

Today South London, Tomorrow South London Genres: Humour, travel, fiction and, confusingly, non-fiction The Blurb The book South London deserves… finally. A new book, to be published late October 2018, aims to put South London on the map once and for all. London is…