So What Is A Spoonie?

I have had lots more fantastic followers of late, and many still don’t know what a spoonie is so I thought I would re-blog this post from way back in the early days of the blog to explain

The Spoonie Mummy

“Is this woman making similarities between living with a chronic illness and hosting a fucking tea party?”
Daniel Lee

So yesterday when a good friend (and fellow Crohns patient) asked me this in his oh so Daniel Lee way, I realised not everyone will realise what a ‘spoonie’ is. Not even fellow spoonies it appears!

Christine Miserandino came up with the spoon theory when trying to explain to her friend what living with a chronic illness felt like. She grabbed a bunch of spoons and handed them to her friend, asking her to count them up. She explained a healthy person wakes with an unlimited supply of spoons and energy to face the day ahead. A person with an illness or disability will only have a certain number of spoons to face the day with.

Asking her friend about what she did to get ready for work, she reeled off…

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