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Well hello there Monday. Today I am working with the Chronic Warrior Collective and Chronic Illness Bloggers for my Mental Health Monday post.

I have written before about loneliness but today I wanted to talk about it with a focus on the chronic illness community, and what the Chronic Warrior Collective have come up with to help.

Loneliness In The Chronic Illness Community

I think the recent lockdown has highlighted the way many of us Spoonies live on a daily basis. Being confined to our houses, unable to work, do our own shopping or visit family and friends, is a reality for many of us, most of the time. Lockdown may eventually end, but this way of living will continue for people who are chronically ill.

Much of our social contact comes from others online. We read blogs and communicate with others in social media groups, often linked to our own chronic illnesses. Communicating with others who understand our illnesses and can understand our lives can be so helpful and I have made some fabulous friends around the country and the world from this.

The Chronic Warrior Collective Card Swap

So, what have the Chronic Warrior Collective come up with to support us Spoonies during this time?

They have introduced a card swap which happens every month and is free to join. You can opt to send either physically or virtually when you sign up, with a note of encouragement and hope to a fellow warrior.

I signed up this month and the process was really easy!

  • Head over to the Card Swap Register page
  • Enter your details, including a note about yourself (I added I am a mum, blogger and enjoy reading and cross stitch I think). If you do not want to add your personal email, the Chronic Warriors Collective actually suggest setting up a separate email to use just for this
  • On the first of the next month you will be sent an email that will ask if you want to opt-in or opt-out for that month’s swap
  • If you decide to opt in that month you will receive your match details ta few days later

I received a lovely card with a beautifully positive message from my match this month. I chose to go for the physical swap as I have always loved getting mail and sending it too! Your sender will not be the person you are allocated to send to, but depending on the information the person chooses to provide, there may be an option to continue to keep in touch. I will be signing up again as I really enjoyed taking some time to write a message that will hopefully make another Spoonie smile, as well as receiving my card.

Christmas In July

So, it may be early but I love Christmas! And this is why I wanted to share the Chronic Warriors Collective Card Swap with you this month – because they are hosting a Christmas In July special card swap! I would love to help them make this the biggest month yet for the amount of cards swapped – and they wanted me to invite YOU!

Lockdown has compounded the feeling of loneliness in so many, and us Spoonies are feeling even more isolated than usual. I don’t know about you but not even having my regular trips to the hospital is now getting me down as I miss the human interaction! I hope you will consider signing up for the card swap next month – sprinkling some support on another Spoonie as well as receiving some yourself!

Sign up for The Chronic Warriors Collective Card Swap

Chronic Illness Bloggers are also working to spread the word about the Christmas in July card swap and they are hosting an amazing giveaway with a range of prizes from Spoonie small businesses. There are 4 prizes available and 12 ways to enter the giveaway for each – ranging from signing up to the card swap to spreading the word on your social media.

Find out more and enter the Chronic Illness Bloggers giveaway

I am already excited about sending my next card in July and I really hope you love this idea too. I would love to hear if you do sign up, let me know in the comments below! Always take care and keep safe,


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