Blog Tour Book Review – Death Comes In Through The Kitchen

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Death Comes In Through The Kitchen


The Blurb

Set in Havana during the Black Spring of 2003, a charming but poison-laced culinary mystery reveals the darker side of the modern Revolution, complete with authentic Cuban recipes

Havana, Cuba, 2003: Matt, a San Diego journalist, arrives in Havana to marry his girlfriend, Yarmila, a 24-year-old Cuban woman whom he first met through her food blog. But Yarmi isn’t there to meet him at the airport, and when he hitches a ride to her apartment, he finds her lying dead in the bathtub.

With Yarmi’s murder, lovelorn Matt is immediately embroiled in a Cuban adventure he didn’t bargain for. The police and secret service have him down as their main suspect, and in an effort to clear his name, he must embark on his own investigation into what really happened. The more Matt learns about his erstwhile fiancée, though, the more he realizes he had no idea who she was at all—but did anyone?

What I Thought

I was really drawn to this book – the blurb, the front cover – it all sounded so different to other things I’ve read. I wasn’t disappointed.

I really enjoyed the introduction to Cuba and especially the food references – Yarmila’s blog is one I would definitely follow if it were real! The setting really helps the book stand out as interesting and different which I loved.

I was unsure about Matt – he wasn’t the most relatable or the kind of hero you want in a story. It was good to read about Cuba through his naive eyes though and I couldn’t entirely dislike him as a whole.

Any fans of murder mystery type novels will enkoy this one – I loved the different setting and the way as the book progressed you saw more and more of the gritty side of Cuba. And any food fans will be equally happy with it!

Where To Buy

Soho Press

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The Author – Teresa Dovalpage


Teresa Dovalpage is a Cuban transplant now firmly rooted in New Mexico. She was born in Havana and now lives in Hobbs, where she is a Spanish and ESL professor at New Mexico Junior College.

She has published nine novels and three collections of short stories. Her English-language novels are A Girl like Che Guevara (Soho Press, 2004), Habanera, a Portrait of a Cuban Family (Floricanto Press, 2010), and Death Comes in Through the Kitchen (Soho Crime, 2018), a culinary mystery with authentic Cuban recipes.

Her novellas Las Muertas de la West Mesa (The West Mesa Murders, based on a real event), Sisters in Tea/ Hermanas en Té and Death by Smartphone/ Muerte por Smartphone were published in serialized format by Taos News.

In her native Spanish she has authored the novels Muerte de un murciano en La Habana (Death of a Murcian in Havana, Anagrama, 2006, a runner-up for the Herralde Award in Spain), El difunto Fidel (The late Fidel, Renacimiento, 2011, that won the Rincon de la Victoria Award in Spain in 2009), Posesas de La Habana (Haunted ladies of Havana, PurePlay Press, 2004), La Regenta en La Habana (Edebe Group, Spain, 2012), Orfeo en el Caribe (Atmósfera Literaria, Spain, 2013), and El retorno de la expatriada (The Expat’s Return, Egales, Spain, 2014).

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I received a copy of this book in return for an honest review.  Thankyou to Rachel’s Random Resources for including me on this blog tour.  Check out other book bloggers reviews at the blogs below



Recipe – Chocolate Chip Bread & Butter Pudding (Cooking With Kids)

As Ste was cooking us a delicious Sunday roast last week me and Leo decided to take charge of pudding duty. Leo is 9 now and has always enjoyed cooking with me, for years he wanted to be a ‘cooker’ (he meant a chef!). I’m noticing now how much more he is capable of doing and he is enjoying more responsibility in the kitchen which is great to see. A good husband of him I will make!

With my stoma I’m unable to eat raisins as they cause blockages so I switched and used chocolate chips instead. The result was amazing and super tasty, we all loved it.

Chocolate Chip Bread And Butter Pudding


You will need

6 slices of bread

Chocolate spread

Bag of chocolate chips

1 tsp of vanilla essence

3 eggs

150ml Milk

300 ml double cream

75g caster sugar

How To Make It

1) Leo spread three of the slices of bread with Nutella and then cut each slice in half into triangles


2) He arranged the bread in an oven proof dish, alternating plain and chocolate spread slices


3) In a bowl Leo whisked together the eggs, cream, milk, sugar and vanilla essence


4) He poured the egg mixture over the bread and left it for 30 minutes to soak in

5) Sprinkle over the chocolate chips


6) Popped it into a preheated oven at 180° for 40-45 minutes

7) Serve warm or cold and enjoy

Both boys, me and Ste thought it was delicious. Ste has never had bread and butter pudding before (I know!) but said he really enjoyed the little bit he had. Let me know if you make it and what you think. Do your kids like cooking? Let me know in the comments below!